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Meet The GRACE Collective: Chrissy Droessler

Today, we are delighted to be introducing you to another one of our GRACE Collective Members - Chrissy of Framed & Matted.

Chrissy Droessler believes that if you find something you love enough to display on your wall – whether it be a piece by an artist you admire, a family photo, your child’s artwork or a postcard from your travels – it should be simple and affordable to elevate it in a way that transforms your space. Which is exactly what she does with Framed & Matted.

We couldn’t wait to speak to Chrissy about her business and her life. Take it away, Chrissy!

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your work?

I am a California native who returned to the Bay Area after a brief stint in New York post-college. My parents are art collectors and I was always exposed to great design and beautiful objects. I studied art history, getting my masters at Christie’s in New York. It was a great program because it focuses on how to look at artwork, understand its value and where it fits in the market. In school, I quickly realized that I am not a master in spreadsheets, nor am I a visually creative genius, but that I fell somewhere in the middle, so being on the business side of the art world filled that perfectly. This led me to work in an art gallery for six years in San Francisco before founding my custom picture framing business, Framed & Matted.

What does a typical morning look like in your household?

I wake up with my husband, Matt, at 5 am when he heads out the door for the day. I usually make a pot of coffee and work 2 hours before the kids wake up. This time has been unbelievably helpful. Working from home can be easily distracting and having this time to get work done and schedule my day relieves a lot of stress. Kids get up around 7 and we are out the door at 8 for school drop off. I then walk the dog and get back to work around 9:30. 

Did your work or career shift since becoming a mother?

I worked in the art world prior to starting Framed & Matted. Working at a gallery demanded a lot of time in the evenings for art openings or visiting with clients. I would have to travel for art fairs, even taking 2-3 weeks to travel to the Netherlands every spring, which was just not suitable for me as a mother, on top of already being a homebody. Running a business where I can freely schedule my time (while still getting a full day’s work completed) allows me to work and be present when my family needs me.

How do you make the juggle work in your family?

I have the kids in the morning and my husband takes the afternoon while I usually cook or “assemble” dinner. We both walk the dog each day (he is an active yellow lab who can’t miss a walk). I have found it helpful to plan our dinners in advance, so on Sundays we plan our meals for the week and Matt does the grocery shopping.

What’s your proudest career achievement to date?

Quitting my job at the art gallery to pursue Framed & Matted full time. It took a lot of risk, and I am usually a pretty risk-averse person. I am so proud of the business and career I have built for myself.

I’m also quite proud of myself for founding a business and going through the process of learning most aspects of running that business along the way. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey, even with the ups and downs of trying to grow your own business. 

What’s your most memorable moment of motherhood so far?

Having my older daughter start walking to school by herself. It makes me realize it is such a short time where you are actively caring for your children. It has made me take a moment, sit back and realize that I need to enjoy the small everyday moments now and live in the present. 

How do you switch off and make time for you?

This is definitely the hardest part and to be honest, I have not completely figured it out. I try to listen to podcasts during dog walks and on the weekends my husband and I give each other time to do something personal, even if it is just stepping away to read a book or magazine. As our children have gotten older, we have also been better about scheduling weekends to see old friends or to just relax.

What lessons are you hoping to instil in your children, or legacy are you hoping to create?

To be a hardworking and caring person. You don’t have to be at the top or always succeed as long as you have given your best effort and learned from your experiences. I want them to know that everyone has their own path and they will find theirs.

What sacrifices have you had to make since becoming a mother?

I feel like I am better at keeping my home clean and organized because it is also my workspace and I can easily be distracted by clutter. I also have made a bigger effort with cooking in hopes that my children will think fondly of our family dinners (even if sometimes our meals are just takeout). The sacrifices include time with girlfriends, or not being able to travel. Although it can be frustrating, and I have serious wanderlust, I know that eventually, we will get this time back. 

What's on your list of loves at the moment?

  • Rothy’s – A daily staple of my wardrobe
  • Food delivery – Thistle salads and Daily Harvest smoothies (otherwise I will snack on all the kids’ lunch treats)
  • Simple cooking inspiration – I love watching Fridge Foraging with Amanda Frederickson every Wednesday 
  • Vintner’s Daughter face serum
  • Podcasts (NYT The Daily, The Glossy Podcast, Bad on Paper, Second Life, Raising the Bar, One Quick Thing, Gamechangers). I don’t have time to attend many conferences or meetups and its a great way to educate myself on trends, etc. I like to listen when I am in the car, folding laundry or walking the dog.
  • Todoist app – Keeps me on top of my to-do list and projects
  • Google calendar (shared with my husband, it keeps us on the same page)
  • Interior Define – We recently re-did our home and found the most affordable and well-designed couches
  • iWatch – It allows me to put my phone away and still feel like in an emergency I can be reached, I also like getting the health updates
  • Dyson hairdryer – It took me 3 years to finally break down and buy this hairdryer but after using it for the last 3 months I am so glad I did. Now I never need to spend time getting my hair blown out at a salon.