Megan Gale on Mindfulness, Self-love & Celebrating The Little Moments in Life - Episode​ 16 of The Grace Tales Podcast - The Grace Tales

Megan Gale on Mindfulness, Self-love & Celebrating The Little Moments in Life – Episode​ 16 of The Grace Tales Podcast

Australian model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and actor Megan Gale is one of Australia’s most adored personalities. Born in Perth, her career began when she won a modelling competition at 18 in her hometown. The winner was told they would not only grace the cover of the now defunct CLEO magazine, but also feature in an eight-page fashion shoot inside the magazine. When the issue came out, Megan wasn’t on the cover. And there was no eight-page shoot. It was a defining moment in her life and a reminder that the life of a model or celebrity isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. But she did exactly what her mother taught her to do – she picked herself up, got on with it and never looked back.

Megan recently wrote the foreword for a powerful new book about self-love and acceptance called THIS IS ME, by photographer Julie Adams and our host and founder Georgie Abay. In it, she opened up about how we all have moments of self-doubt. “When you’re someone in my position, you are more prone to being criticised by the public and being put under a microscope… Yet, my feelings about it are still the same as the average person. In that, you feel very vulnerable, and very exposed… I’m not superhuman or immune to those kind of feelings,” she tells Georgie.

Today, she talks about the inspiration for her lifestyle company Mindful Life, which launched one year ago, and how the foundation of her business was not wanting to wish away those early months of motherhood away, as hard as they can be. To Megan, being mindful means “being absolutely present” and essentially, she wanted to create products for children and their parents, which would inspire us to be more mindful in all that we do, whether that’s give our child a bath and really be in the moment, or give our baby a massage and get lost in their heavenly gurgles and giggles.

In today’s conversation, we explore:

  • Experiencing death and new life simultaneously – Megan’s father passed away when her son River was 14 weeks old.
  • How our expectations often lead to disappointment – and why her mother always taught her to pick herself up and keep going.
  • Why it’s okay to not feel super confident and love yourself all the time.
  • How we’ve all got the ability to be mindful, it just takes practice.
  • How we’ve all got triggers that make us stressed, but we’ve also got triggers that make us happy, uplift us and reenergise us.
  • Why it’s like starting a business from the ground up.
  • The Mindful Life mission.
  • The self-love journey we are all on and why no one is immune from self-doubt.

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