Michael Klim Launches His First Fragrance And Men’s Skincare Range |

Michael Klim Launches His First Fragrance And Men’s Skincare Range

It’s no surprise that this down to earth Olympic gold medalist, businessman and dad calls his new skincare range “the good stuff without the fluff” as that’s exactly what he wanted when he launched a no-nonsense skincare line for men...

That was eight years ago, and now Milk & Co (the name ‘Milk’ is Klim backwards) has three other ranges: a women’s skincare line Milk & Co by Lindy Klim, Milk baby and Milk Active, healthy protein snacks. The launch of KLIM by Michael Klim represents the next phase for this successful, Australian, family-owned business where he has reclaimed his name for the men’s line and injected a fresh, new approach including the launch of the brand’s first men’s fragrance, Aqua Beyond. All the skincare products are packed full of skin friendly ingredients such as nori, spirulina, brown algae and seaweed extracts to help active guys like himself stay clean and healthy. We spoke to the man himself about beauty and life as a dad of three. Words: Sarah Brooks-Wilson

His favourite scent:

“I’ve been a bit of a closet fragrance fan for some time. I wear Tom Ford in particular Acqua, Comme de Garcons Eau De Parfum and I’m loving the new Dior scent, Eau Savage. Someone once told me that you have to do skincare for at least six years before you launch a fragrance, and I think I’ve done my time.”

What he uses on his skin:

“I still swim a little bit, so I keep it simple. I apply my Face Moisturiser everyday and at the end of the day, if I’m not lazy I wash my face with the Face Wash. Then I use the Ultra Light Moisturiser before I go to bed. I always use the Face + Body Scrub in the shower everyday.”

How he keeps up his energy:

“I go to bed really early, I probably go to bed with the kids. Getting plenty of sleep is key for me. You can easily run yourself into the ground, but I’ve realised that’s when the kids suffer, because you’re not present and tired. I’m more energetic and happy for the kids if I sleep.”

His nutrition:

“For me, hydration is the key. I don’t really have a structured nutrition plan or rules but I’ve always been taught to have a well balanced diet. I’m a big fan of diary and protein. I exercise a lot, so it’s all about not consuming too much.”

Images: @michaelklim1

How he keeps fit:

“I mix it up. I swim twice a week; I do a bit of Cross Fit, group training, boot camps and surf. I used to run before I got too heavy. I always travel with a pair of bathers and goggles; there are always pools to swim in. I also use exercise for social interaction with my friends too. We have a gents club every Thursday morning at 6am. No matter how tired we are, we still all rock up.”

On what fatherhood has taught him:

“Responsibility, when it comes to fatherhood you really have to put the kids first. Being an athlete it can become a selfish existence because you are always looking after yourself, but you do have to be mindful of the kids.”

Who the kids take after:

“I definitely see me in my eldest son, Rocco. He’s very determined and very driven. He can hit the ball for an hour against the wall, but when he loses he’s got a bad temper. So I see that in him. The kids are all sporty, but only Rocco has the drive and determination at the moment, like me.”

On his personal style:

“It’s pretty relaxed, I’m very minimalist and look for quality. I love bassike, as it’s edgy and simple. I don’t mind experimenting, but you can get it wrong, so I keep it simple.”

On how he relaxes with the kids:

“We have Sunday Funday pool time. Every Sunday Funday we do a crazy diving pool shot on Instagram. The kids get really into it. It’s always in the water, so if it’s not the pool we hang out at the beach. It’s our favourite time. The kids all like to sing and dance. So we have a Friday dance off too and then Sunday Funday.”

On the most surprising thing about fatherhood:

“When you become a father it’s this instanious love you have for this little human being. This person is an extension of you and the connection and love you have is amazing.”