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Introducing Minouche: the sweet childrenswear line we’re loving for spring

"My favourites would be the silk pinafores. They are a simple design but young girls are just so lovely I don't think they need much fussiness in what they wear. And being silk they are more luxurious than your average pinafore and lovely for a special occasion," says Minouche founder Ally Mahoney...

She’s the talented woman behind Minouche (French for kitten). Her label is all about simple, lovely clothes for babies and little girls: think sweet silk pinafores, prints designed by textile designer and artist Ellie Whittaker and classic stripe bloomers. We caught up with Mahoney to get a peek at her new range and find out what’s planned for spring…

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What inspired the new range?

An idea of freshness, of springtime – that feeling that you get when you can throw the windows open in the morning and feel a hint of warmth in the breeze, the smell of freesias. I selected colours and fabrics that are beautifully light and easy to wear and really feel like springtime.

What are some standout pieces?

Aside from the silk pinafores, I’m also partial to the Stella dress. The print is designed by the wonderfully talented Ellie Whittaker and is a lovely, light palette for spring. I especially like that the ruffle on the bodice can be worn over the shoulders with the straps undone; or under the arms with (adjustable) straps – the over the shoulder design is so popular right now but I know a lot of little girls might find it bothersome which is why it’s designed to be worn either way.

What’s your favourite thing to do in spring with your children?

Anything! I am totally enamoured with spring. We are big park-goers, and it’s lovely to be able to enjoy our beautiful parks without layering up, or getting overheated by the summer sun. We also love going down to our family house on the south coast for the weekend – it’s beautiful year round but in spring we can venture into the water again.