Mother Of Three Jess Roberts On The Anti-Colic Bottles Every Mother With An Unsettled Baby Needs |

Mother Of Three Jess Roberts On The Anti-Colic Bottles Every Mother With An Unsettled Baby Needs

Like many babies, when Jagger was around five weeks old, he developed colic and was suffering badly from its effects. His pain and reaction to it came as a huge surprise to me as I hadn’t experienced colic with my first two girls River and Scarlett...

Poor Jagger would scream from the pain for hours on end, basically until he exhausted himself. He was otherwise a healthy baby boy so it was really tough to see him suffering. All the symptoms were there, broken sleeping and feeding routines, plus the red and flush face. Any parent who’s had a colicky baby knows it’s a real nightmare. The stress on everyone can be very confronting and it’s so hard to work out how to make it better for them. My mum gave me a great tip, to take him into the shower and hope the noise and feeling of warm falling water would eventually sooth him to sleep. While this helped a bit, Jagger was still really suffering and feeding him was a huge challenge. His symptoms meant I had to stop breastfeeding him from about 4pm in the afternoon as too much air was getting in and making it worse. It was then I realised I’d have to turn to the bottle and discovered Tommee Tippee’s Anti-Colic bottles. They worked like a magic wand helping to control the air flow and managed to quickly bring Jagger some relief. Their specially designed shape and internal air-duct was a game changer. They were a huge help in reducing Jagger’s pain and this really took the edge off. After I started using them, Jagger would still be a bit grizzly and whinge a bit, but the intensity and pain he had was considerably reduced. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found something like this to help. I am such a fan that I recently became an ambassador for Tommee Tippee Australia.

As part of their new collection the anti-colic bottle has undergone a revamp and the new Advanced Anti-Colic bottle now offers a super breast-like shaped teat and an improved air vent that stops milk travelling up the tube. This all helps significantly reduce gas, spit up and general discomfort. They’ve also incorporated a new heat-sensing straw which tells you if the feed’s too hot or cold. This nifty little tool also helps when you’re out and about and someone else is heating it up for you. As well as using these, bottles, my advice for mums with a colicky baby is to definitely seek advice from your paediatrician and try to stop breastfeeding in the afternoon and instead express into a bottle if you can. Whilst colic is, unfortunately, something you just have to wait out, I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will get through it. If not – I have a massive bottle of wine waiting for you at mine! In association with Tommee Tippee Australia  (Facebook: Tommee Tippee Australia & @tommeetippeeaustralia). Jess Roberts (@moderndaymumma) is a Melbourne based mum of three (Scarlett, River and Jagger)