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My Morning Routine: Celia Munoz, founder of La Coqueta

As a mother to five children, Celia Muñoz is an expert at multi-tasking (and getting herself ready in 17 minutes). She’s also a trained psychologist and owner of the charming London based children’s brand La Coqueta. We caught up with the Spanish entrepreneur to see how she gets out the door in the morning…

What is the very first thing that you do when you wake up?
Stop my alarm clock and a leave a big kiss on my husband’s cheek.

Dawn or dusk?
Just like 90% of the Spanish people I know, I’m definitely a night person. I associate nights with having a relaxing time, going out for dinner or simply chilling out over a glass of wine at home with my husband. I often find the most interesting conversations happen at night. I feel higher levels of energy in the evenings and if I need to do something that cannot wait until the next day, it is at night when I get it done.

Can you talk us through your morning beauty regime?
I tend to have warm showers with a 15 second blast of cold water at the end. My mother always told me it’s good for you! I come out of the shower feeling completely energised. I am not a cream person, but I found that YSL Forever Youth Liberator moisturiser really works for my skin. I also recently discovered All in One BB Creme Perfecteur de Teint, which I find to be the perfect compromise between wearing foundation (which I dislike) or not wearing anything at all (which I don’t like either). I use the Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder from YSL to give me a bit of colour and of course my Nars Dragon Girl lipstick. I never leave my bedroom without red lipstick on. I also never leave home without my perfume on. Yvresse is my fragrance of choice. I have been wearing it since I was 16 years old and feel totally insecure without it. I actually think the best beauty regime is to be happy and try to resolve the little things that can spoil your mood before you go to bed the night before so that you can have a fresh bright start in the morning. Obviously this is wonderful in theory and I try to stick to this rule as much as possible!.

How do you keep organised?
Monday to Friday, I have exactly 17 minutes to get ready from the moment I wake up to getting my children ready. My days fit into a very carefully planned routine, which in a way makes things much easier when planning because I tend to go through similar tasks every day. I try not to let it get too complicated. I always spend five extra minutes under the shower closing my eyes and try to visualise my day (work and family wise). I write it all down on my to-do list so I get everything done by the end of the day.

Do you exercise in the morning?
I live next to one of the most beautiful parks in London, Hampstead Heath, and I exercise there three times a week. I just feel so good afterwards.

Do you plan your outfit the night before??
I never plan what I am going to wear the night before. I choose my clothes just before getting dressed depending on my mood and the weather (this is London and the weather is so unpredictable). I tend to spend a lot more time thinking about the shoes and the earrings I will be wearing that day. I tend to spend a lot more time getting ready on the weekend than I do during the week, particularly on Saturday.

What do you eat for breakfast??
Porridge with a hint of honey and a big bowl of red berries. I discovered this when I came to the UK.

Coffee, tea or a green smoothie?
A very milky Roiboos tea for sure...

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