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my morning routine: Victoria Roper-Curzon, co-founder of Elfie

The co-founder of British childrenswear line Elfie runs us through her morning routine...

What is the very first thing that you do when you wake up?
All my children get into my bed exactly the same time our alarm goes off so we spend about 10 minutes hugging and playing while I muster the strength to actually get up.

Dawn or dusk?
Definitely night time. Once the kids are all asleep I either relax on the sofa and watch Mad Men or work on my laptop. Or my husband and I stay up late listening to music and drinking delicious wine, either just us two or with friends and siblings who tend to just turn up!

Can you talk us through your morning beauty regime?
I'm afraid I don't have one… there's no time! I brush my teeth, slap on some mascara and concealer and that’s it. Later on the day, after the school run, I’ll tidy myself up more. How long does it take you to get out the door? It takes me 20 minutes if I'm lucky after I've got the rest of the family done to get ready. I’d have more time if I got up earlier but I love my sleep! I pack my bag the night before with all the things I need. Often I’m out of the house all day so I have to remember to take nappies, wipes, lunch boxes, ballet bags, iPad, chargers, sunglasses – all things I might need with the children or going to the office. It's a military operation!

Do you plan your outfit the night before?
Sometimes if I have time. I like it when I have something new; the thought of what to wear it with the next day is exciting, but normally it's a more realistic last minute decision of what is clean and looks half decent put together.

What do you eat for breakfast?
If I'm really hungry a huge English fry up, but normally I like a nutty cereal.

Coffee, tea or a green smoothie?
COFFEE! I absolutely love it and have about three strong black coffees with no sugar or milk a day. Not very good for me, but it's my fuel. The first one in the morning is the most wonderful pleasure, after that the next two aren't as good but I drink them in the hope that they might be!