My Nighttime Routine: Georgie Abay, Editor Of The Grace Tales |

My Nighttime Routine: Georgie Abay, Editor Of The Grace Tales

For us, a good nighttime routine is as important as a great morning routine. Starting the day fresh begins the night before. Editor of The Grace Tales Georgie Abay takes us through her nighttime routine. Hint: there's a mind-blowing skincare product in there...

Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo

Can you take us through your nighttime routine?

A good nighttime routine is so important to me especially as this is usually the time of day when the wheels start to fall off. The girls are usually home and we start the bedtime routine by 5pm. They’ll have their dinner, a bath and then start to settle into the idea that bedtime is approaching. Of course, not everything always runs like clockwork – the wheels still fall off in our house on a regular basis. Lottie is in bed at 6pm and Arabella goes to bed at 7pm. Often they’ll stay up talking to each other (or yelling out to us for more milk, water, cuddles, kisses etc) until 8pm but at least they’re in bed. We eat dinner around 7pm. My husband cooks every night and I do the clean up and  make their lunches for school. I’ll often continue working after dinner. I’m always trying to catch up on things after the girls go to bed, but it’s a small compromise for having the quality time with my children during the day.

Your dinner of choice?

Honestly, anything that my husband cooks. Let’s just say he’s a lot better in the kitchen than I am. I tend to eat on the go, which isn’t a healthy habit, but I always eat a proper dinner. We usually have magnums in the fridge for dessert. We both have a daily addiction. I’ll go out for dinner about once a week with friends or Mark, but usually I like to keep the nights as quiet as possible during the week.

What bedtime stories are you reading your children?

When we renovated our home, our builder created this gorgeous bookshelf so all the books are on display. There are so many books I love reading to my girls and I love watching their reactions to each book. Arabella is three now so it’s gorgeous to see how her reaction and interest in the stories we’ve read since she was little is changing. She asks so many questions now and really gets into the story. A dear friend recently gave us Pig The Pug and it’s a currently favourite. The Day The Crayons Quit is another favourite. I actually think it might just be the world’s funniest children’s book.

How do you get your children to sleep?

In the beginning, with great difficulty! Let’s just forget the first 10 or so months after both girls were born. They didn’t sleep! I’m still scarred by the experience. Luckily, things changed and they’re now great little sleepers. Of course, there are always a couple of nights a week where no one gets much sleep, but generally they sleep through the night. Arabella loves her bed and doesn’t have any interest in sleeping in ours! Lottie needs her bunny comforter to get to sleep – we’d be lost without it. Arabella loves some milk before bedtime but never got attached to a comforter. They share a room which is really sweet. I love hearing them laughing at each other in the morning.

What do you do before you go to bed?

Usually I continue to work which is another unhealthy habit – I really need to start some new nightly rituals and stay off social media! A few cups of peppermint tea are an evening ritual for me and Mark and I watch a TV series together every other night. I try and meditate earlier in the evening as I’m so tired at the end of the night. I also do a quick house clean or put a load of washing on so things are tidy when we wake up in the morning.

What is your nighttime beauty routine?

Unfortunately for sleep deprived mothers, lack of sleep really impairs the normal process of healing in our skin. And while I’d love to say I got eight hours of sleep a night, that’s not the case. So for me, sneaking in a beauty treatment while I’m sleeping helps me to look a little more rested in the morning, even if I feel exhausted. Research also shows that skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night, peaking between 11pm and 4am. I have very dry skin so I try to keep it hydrated overnight when the skin is repairing itself. Every couple of nights after cleansing I’ll do a peel. I recently discovered Philosophy’s Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel, which is a gentle two-step exfoliating peel for all skin types. It’s ideal for resurfacing and rejuvenating sun-damaged, hyperpigmented and ageing skin. The first step is to apply the peel solution onto a mini pad (the pads come with the kit) and wipe it on your face. Easy. The solution comes in a tiny dropper bottle and is a leave-on product. It holds AHAs, glycolic acid and lactic acid, to speed up the process of cell renewal and allows for “micro-exfoliation.” It also opens up your pores to prep it for putting on the peel. The next step is smoothing the cool blue gel formula over your skin. It contains ingredients such as oat kernel extract, echinacea, bisabolol, and biomimetic peptides, which soothe and hydrate the skin, boosting the anti-aging process.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

I used to be an early bird but these days I’m more of a night owl. It’s when I catch up on work! It’s a habit I’m trying to change. I’ve read numerous interviews with successful people and most of them say they wake up early to get ahead of the day before it begins. As my husband says, you let the day control you when you get up late.

When it comes to deciding what to wear, do you plan ahead?

I wish I did but honestly, I usually just get ready in a rush in the morning. I have a very basic uniform of jeans and t-shirts or if I have a meeting, a nice skirt, ballet flats and a shirt or plain silk top. I’ve worn the same thing for years. Motherhood has allowed me to spend more time in jeans and sneakers, which I’m very happy about! In association with Philosophy