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My (Sustainable) Kids’ Christmas Shopping List

I'll be honest: I've never been a fan of plastic toys. More often than not, they're an assault of the senses. Far too colourful, obnoxiously loud and generally discarded after a few days (at best).

Which is why this Christmas (among the other, more obvious environmental reasons), I am shopping sustainably for my children. With the benefit of having three boys who will pass down and share toys and clothing for a lifetime, I’ve made the choice to invest in high quality, beautiful pieces that will last the distance.

Here’s what has made the cut. (Just don’t tell my boys.)

Header image courtesy of Organic Zoo.

Classic bikes

Two of my boys have now reached bike age, so their top gift this year will be this adorable, handmade, classic option for Hip Kids (who just so happen to be a mecca for all things beautiful and wooden). With training wheels for Charlie and a wicker basket to house all the necessary snacks required for the park, I’m also in love with the leather-look seat and handles.

Classic steel bicycle with wicker basket and training wheels – Hip Kids – $159.95

Heavenly matching pyjamas

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m all about a matching outfit. And when they’re personalised, you could say I’m sold. These monogrammed junior pyjama sets (with the most gorgeous Christmas trees) are what my children will be waking up in on Christmas morning. And time will tell whether they also make an appearance in our annual Santa photo…

Monogrammed junior pyjama set – Jasmine & Will – $89

Cheeky toys that last

Never have I encountered three boys with a greater love of dairy than my own. So this milk bottle rattle (made from soft organic cotton and beautifully embellished with embroidered details) is going to be making an appearance in Henry’s stocking, with 

Milk bottle baby rattle – Meri Meri – £16.50

Dreams of a beautiful world

I haven’t been quiet in my worries about the world our children are growing up in, but that just makes it all the more important to encourage them to dream big. I think this beautiful globe music box (which plays the soundtrack to Amelie – heaven) is the perfect place to start.

Globe music box – Serevina Kids – €55.00

Sweet little outfits

I recently stumbled upon organic zoo and would now like to exclusively dress my children in their clothing (my eldest and his love of anything LEGO-themed might object). With their muted colour palettes (that aren’t in that outrageous non-child-friendly-beige-linen) that still feature fun prints, I might just get them over the line. 

Burgundy dots salopettes with contrast feet – organic zoo – $54.84

Knitted ornaments

Each year, we add a few special ornaments to our Christmas tree that remind us of the year that’s been. Following our trip to NYC, I think this knitted pretzel may be in order. The mushroom and the kitten? They’ll just be considered added extras.

Assorted ornament set – Severina Kids – €16.50