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#mygracetale: Davina Yarker, Founder Of Harley And Soo, Mother To Harley & Pearl

"Motherhood has taught me that there aren't enough hours in the day to sweat the small stuff…
It has also taken the term 'multi-tasking' to a whole new level, and has highlighted the importance of coffee!

I returned to my office job after taking maternity leave when Harley was born, but only for a short stint as it didn't feel right…
I knew I wanted to do something from home and I'd been buying a lot of clothing online for my new baby boy and realised I couldn't get everything I wanted from the one online retailer, so Harley and Soo was born! It started off as a tiny online childrenswear retailer, and has grown steadily over the past few years.

My children function better with routine…
I loosely followed Save Our Sleep when they were babies and found it made a huge difference and helped them to settle better and sleep longer at night. Now that they are older and Pearl has recently stopped having daily naps, we have a lot more freedom and they can handle late nights if we are out and about on the weekend. I feel like it's pretty balanced now, I hate being tied down to sleep times, even though it makes for happier babies! Harley started full time school this year, so we've been needing to keep it more structured during the week.

The Harley and Soo x The Greater Good pop-up shop in Perth


I love finding exciting new brands to stock…
Selecting the next season's clothing and get a buzz when customers share pictures of their children dressed in clothes from my store! Together with another Perth online business (The Greater Good Decor for Kids), we opened a pop up shop in North Perth (45 Hobart Street, North Perth) back in April, and now have no plans in closing! I absolutely love my days in the shop, rearranging, styling, and meeting our lovely Perth customers (and their beautiful children). Having a shop has been so rewarding, it’s something else actually seeing all of our stock out on display, and being able to see how it all works together. Good times!

Mini Rodini swimsuit, $55. Saltwater sandals, $45. Fallen Broken Street hat. Bandit Kids singlet, $17.95. 

Alex & Ant pineapple dress, $65.

Mini Rodini leggings, $35.

I wouldn't say my days are structured…
More like controlled chaos! The days start with getting Harley off to school. I currently spend two days a week working in the shop and Pearl goes to daycare on these days. I find I'm most productive on these days - I pack online orders while I'm at the shop attend to emails in-between customers. Then it’s a mad dash for school pick up and the marathon that is dinner, bath, bedtime at home! The other days Pearl and I have a bit of fun, there's always a coffee somewhere and we often see friends, followed by packing online orders and going to the post office most days. I work well at night once the kids are in bed, it’s not unusual for me to go to bed after midnight (did I mention coffee?).

While my husband and I spend a lot of our time working…
I feel that we have a good balance. We normally do at least one fun activity on the weekend, and we often take long weekends and go down to our beach house in the south west. That is where we really have time out. Hubby loves to surf and I love the beach. 'Me' time is few and far between these days, it may be as simple as popping out for an hour solo when the opportunity arises, a dinner or breakie out with friends, or a date night with my love. We are lucky to have family around to babysit and help out with the kids when we get stuck!

I love so many childrenswear brands…
Mini Rodini, Bandit KidsCoco & Ginger, Zuttion, Bella & Lace, Fabrik, Alex & Ant, Pop Factory, Popupshop, Milk & Masuki and Children of the Tribe to name a few - all available online and at the shop of course! I only order clothing for my store that my kids would love and wear.

Alex & Ant dress, $55.

FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-9
Davina wearing her own Mr Mittens cardigan.

Mini Rodini beanie, $28. Zuitton tracksuit pants, $40. Pop Factory sweatshirt, $40. Fallen Broken Street hat (similar styles available here).

Pretty Wild jumper, $99.95. Mini Rodini leggings, $30.

Mini Rodini jacket, $125.

Pretty Wild raincoat, $110.

IMG_3815 IMG_3824 IMG_4028 IMG_4149
Coco & Ginger dress, $110.

Zuttion T-shirt, $40.

IMG_7480 IMG_7544 IMG_7620 IMG_7701

I love a good shellac manicure and pedicure…
I find my hands are always in water so normal polish just doesn't last and I hate nothing more than chipped nail polish. I use Alison Jade BB cream and foundation, and Nars Laguna bronzer. I also love a good spray tan when I feel necessary!

We've been in our home just over two years…
It is in a bustling inner city suburb, just seven minutes from the heart of the city. It's a cute old Californian bungalow with a new extension on the back, I love the old part of the house with its old uneven jarrah floors. It's a mix bit old and new, there's a lot of cacti and fiddle leafs floating about the place, white walls and plenty of colour splashed about in vintage kilims and my fave Kip & Co bedding.

Empire is a fave with most Perthites…
There are a few stores and they have an eclectic range of furniture and homewares. A new find is Little Leaf Co – an amazing emporium full of hanging and house plants, the type of place you go into needing nothing and leave with a boot full of lush, green goodness. Harley says our house is like a jungle!

Our special place is Eagle Bay…
A holiday town located in Southwest Western Australia. It has to be one of the most serene places on earth. It’s our happy place for sure!

Davina’s little list of loves:
Coffee - my daily ritual.
Fresh brows (by Alison Jade)
Salted caramel everything!
Espresso martinis.
Gold birkenstocks.
Weekends down south.
My huge chunky Mr Mittens cardigan.
Dinners with girlfriends filled with too much food and wine and lots of laughs.
Swimming in the ocean.
My children's crazy little personalities.

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-As told to The Grace Tales

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