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Need a Laugh? Here Are The Funniest Accounts To Follow On Instagram

In the world of social media, Instagram cops quite its fair share of slack. Unrealistic body image, perfect lives, impeccably behaved children ... There is enough content to make even the most self-assured woman quiver.

But before you shut down your account and turn off your phone for good (tempting as that may be), perhaps it’s time to try peppering your feed with some humour instead.

Here are our top accounts to follow for a guaranteed laugh every day …

Trust Chrissy Teigan to deliver the laughs. With her honest musings on motherhood, self-deprecating humour and brutal take-downs of husband John Legend, she’s a must-follow. 


If you’re not already following Celeste Barber, pick up your phone and follow immediately. Her renowned #celestechallengeaccepted posts are second to none in this photoshopped, filtered world.


There’s something comforting – and quite funny – about seeing a man who takes himself very seriously, doing very banal things. Like sitting on a rollercoaster with no apparent joy. It’s a fun addition to the perfect Kardashian/Jenner/West feeds. 


Step into the lives of Gary and Elaine, who live inside the catalogues of furniture, decor and department stores. Their musings will have you laughing out loud. Given the account is only updated infrequently (though they do have an equally hilarious coffee table book), it’s a delight to see every time it pops up in your feed.


Bond with average parents everywhere in this hilarious – and all too familiar – account. 


If you find all the inspirational quotes are a little too much to handle (guilty), Adam J. Kurtz’s refreshing illustrations will put it all back into perspective.


Its 3.7 million followers are on to something … Beige Cardigan is one of the best.


Residents of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, you may want to look away now … Overheard In Paddington is all too familiar and laugh-out-loud funny.


If you’ve seen Ali Wong’s hilarious Netflix specials, you’ll know that she delivers the goods when it comes to laughs about the intersection of life, relationships, work and motherhood.


Reaching middle age need not be tackled alone … Simon Holland captures how we all feel, far too often. 


Oh, how we love Amy Schumer. Becoming a mother made her even more relatable, and we wait with bated breath for her next post.


Another account that clearly hits a nerve with its 14.3 million followers, this content may not be safe for work, but is certainly worth a follow.


If anyone has managed to capture the realities of parenting young children, it’s Katie from Hurrah For Gin (the name alone is worth a follow, right?). 


It may look like beautiful food photography (and yes it is), but delve a little deeper and you’ll find fantastic captions that speak straight to the soul.


Celebrities – they’re just like us! Read their captions on other people’s images and get ready to lol.


For cartoons that go straight to the heart of modern life, we can’t go past Lord Birthday.


A favourite amongst most Australians, this faux newspaper delivers headlines that always make us laugh.