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Nicole Trunfio On Why Self-Love Is So Important

Nicole Trunfio’s recent candle and scented oil collaboration with Australian luxury scented candle and fragrance house Lumira hits all the right notes when it comes to blending intoxicating scents with self-love. Aptly titled The Vow, the sensual blend of rose, magnolia, sandalwood and tobacco is lightened by citrusy lemon and grapefruit that was created with positivity and mothers in mind...

“We came up with ‘The Vow’ as a way to promote self-love and all of the positivity it can bring to your life and those around you,” explains Nicole. We caught up with the mother of two recently to get more insight into the power of scents, how life has changed since baby Gia came into the world, and why balance and calmness are necessary for keeping your cool as a mum. Images: Alexandra Valenti and Chris Bagot  

Congratulations on your range of candles and perfume oils with Lumira! What was the entire creation process like - are you surprised by the end result or did you always know exactly which scents you are drawn to?

Thank you! The whole process has been so incredible and so deeply fulfilling, this is something I have wanted for a very long time. I worked very closely with Lumira’s founder Almira Armstrong to come up with the perfect and iconic scent. I use a lot of therapeutic grade essential oils so I definitely have my favourite scents – and Almira is the master of composing them to make one glorious combination. I’m so beyond happy with the result, very proud of this one. The Vow is a must-have!

Scents often evoke memories, what are some standout scents that take you back to a particular time in your life?

Living in Paris for a year and visiting all of the dark, mysterious hotels for a late night meal and cocktail and walking the streets in between museum and garden visits. And then, being on a yacht in the Mediterranean, between the Amalfi Coast, Italy and the South of France – anything that takes me back to these two moments is a win.

You have two children now after welcoming baby Gia in January, how has life changed going from one to two babies?

I am much more overprotective of my family now, I have become the head lioness with my claws out and a growl lingering. I see how delicate the family dynamic is and how much it must be tended and nurtured. It’s my number one priority, especially now that I have the heart and soul of a sweet little girl to protect.

How do you juggle your many hats - The Vow, modelling, Erth Jewellery, your website - with being a mum?

I have never managed my time better or valued my time more. I feel as though I work smart and balance life better now, only doing things I really care about and being more efficient with my time.

Motherhood is the best but also toughest job there is, how do you handle the more stressful parts of being a mum?

I remain calm at all times. The way I view it is that your kids are going to ultimately turn into you, and what kind of kids do I want to raise? So I lead by example. I don’t want stressed out, angry kids. I want calm, decisive, respectful and happy kids, so I am that. I think that also makes me less stressed, as they say, “fake it til you make it”. I think by being the person I want my kids to become and see, I have actually become that way habitually.

How do you handle things like sugar and screen-time with Zion, do you take a relaxed or more strict approach?

I keep a balance so he doesn’t crave something that he can’t have. He knows everything will come at the right time and not to beg for it, just to go with the flow and trust that he will be able to try everything eventually.

What is your definition of self-care and how do you make time for it?

I think self-care is to never lose yourself in someone or something. Always nurturing what drives you and most importantly harbouring self-love because your children and family will see it and it will inspire them to find it and nurture it in themselves too. I always look for something nostalgic to remind me of this, my own self-love is a catalyst for the world’s self-love. A scent will do this, hence why I wear The Vow Perfume Oil and burn The Vow candle – to remind me of that in every moment.