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7 tips for creating a stylish nursery

When I was pregnant with Arabella, I adored decorating her nursery. She was my first child and it was something I didn’t really get to do with my second daughter (I was far too busy with Arabella to even think about Lottie’s room). So enjoy the experience of putting together your very first nursery…

For me, a stylish nursery doesn’t need to be complicated – a few simple touches such as a charming pin board, a sweet bassinet, some special toys and a timeless rug are all you need. My approach to decorating kids’ spaces is always less is more. So if you’re expecting, here’s my tips for how to achieve a beautiful nursery both you and bub will love.

In association with Pottery Barn Kids | Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo 

1. Pick a bassinet you’ll use time and again

I love traditional bassinets. Anything that reminds me of something I would have used as a child has such charm to it. I love this white wicker bassinet from Pottery Barn Kids. Update it with some modern bedding such as their shooting star print fitted sheet.

2. Don’t forget they’re children

It’s easy to decorate a child’s room as if you were decorating your own – but remember they’re kids. Turn their room into a magical, whimsical retreat which will inspire their imagination. There’s a huge trend towards black and white kids’ rooms at the moment – I personally prefer adding splashes of colour. In my girls’ room you’ll find traditional fairy curtains in pastel hues, soft pink linen bedding, special toys to treasure, comfy floor cushions and lots and lots of books (we had a huge bookshelf custom made). I try to keep most of their toys out of the room and reserve their bedroom for reading and sleeping.

3. Add a rug

Every room needs a great rug. Go for something that will work in a nursery and then later in an older child’s room. I also love a striped rug – classic, chic and timeless.

4. Get pinning

You don’t need to reserve pin boards for offices or the kitchen. A beautifully decorated pin board filled with things that make you smile is such a lovely idea for a child’s room. I bought a selection of prints off Etsy and mixed it up with photos that are special to us – Arabella’s first birthday, a picture of my mother when she was in her twenties, a sweet illustration my friend Georgia Macmillan sent me one year for Easter. You can update it regularly and fill it with things you love.

5. Invest in some art

I had Australian artist James Gordon paint three beautiful watercolour artworks for Arabella when she was born. They’re the kind of paintings that she’ll have in her room for years to come. I also had Heidi Moore-Gill paint three watercolour paintings of balloons. Another option is to hang some gorgeous artwork your child has done or some affordable prints. For girls, I love Pottery Barn Kids’ Butterfly Art Cable System and for boys, the Bronze Star Art Cable.

6. Cute comforters

My first daughter never got attached to a comforter so I didn’t really understand what the big deal was. Then Lottie arrived and we’d be lost without her little bunny. My advice? Buy multiples of the comforter your child gets attached to. There have been times when ‘bunny’ has been lost in the park and we’ve had to race back frantically searching for it. Or the time I left it at her preschool and she didn’t sleep the entire night without it.

7. Fill the room with toys they’ll treasure

There are so many sweet toys to choose from but I think less is more. A child doesn’t need too many toys – go for a few select dolls or teddy bears rather than filling the room with masses of toys.