Teresa Palmer On Sisterhood and Letting go of Control | Ep 01 - The Grace Tales

Teresa Palmer On Sisterhood and Letting go of Control | Ep 01

Fittingly for someone who embodies characters for a profession, Australian actress Teresa Palmer slips easily into many titles. Golden girl, Hollywood starlet, Earth Mother – they’ve all been used to describe the warm, open, and unassuming Palmer. From humble beginnings in the Adelaide Hills to the glittering success of Hollywood blockbusters, you can’t help but feel that Teresa Palmer is the same woman she’s always been. Our conversation with the founder of Your Zen Mama was like chatting to an old friend. With the launch of her book Zen Mamas this month, the timing was perfect to talk about life juggling filming schedules, book writing, and of course her three children and step-son. We discuss:

  • How she wrote a book between takes on set (often while breastfeeding her daughter Poet)
  • How she and her husband tag-team parenting
  • Why she works a 6 month on/6 month off schedule
  • Her four-hour waterbirth with Poet and how her girlfriends held her through it
  • How her mother’s mental illness was a source of inspiration
  • What gave her the courage at 19 to move to LA
  • How motherhood and letting go saw her career flourish
  • Her experience of pregnancy loss
  • Motherhood judgement and how she deals with criticism
  • Why she started a smoothie business to improve her kids’ nutrition

Visit Teresa’s website Your https://www.yourzenmama.com/ Purchase her book Zen Mamas https://www.yourzenmama.com/new-blog/2020/4/15/our-zen-mamas-book-is-here

You can connect with Teresa via Instagram @teresapalmer and find her Lovewell smoothies @lovewell.earth

Photo: Julie Adams