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Our Founder Georgie Abay on Her Favourite Beauty Product. Hint: it’s a Cult Serum and is Sold Every 8 Seconds, Globally

We did a reader survey recently and asked our audience what their biggest style concern was. While the question related to fashion, it turned out, their style concern also extended into beauty. Because it doesn’t matter how good your outfit is or how much you spent on a handbag, if you look tired, it’s what we naturally focus on...

I know myself, when I look exhausted, even my most loved pair of shoes won’t make me feel better. I still remember once taking a seat at the hairdresser and being told by the young apprentice how tired I looked. Sigh. I looked in the mirror at my slackened skin. I could have cried. Or yelled: “Of course I’m tired – I haven’t slept properly in, like, 785 days”). More than anything, these days, I want radiant, dewy skin. I want to fight these persistent little wrinkles! What I wear comes second to looking after my skin.  

I don’t want to sound too ambitious – I’m well aware of the fact that looking fresh-faced is no mean feat when you have small children. And that I will never, ever, look 18 again. That’s fine. I just want to make sure that what I’m using on my skin works – that’s it’s powerful and does what it says it will. This is where I turn to my mother for advice. She is, without question, my skin guru.

Georgie wears Ephemera dress

My mother always looks effortless – as if great skin is just something that happens. Genes have a part to play, sure, but in actual fact, there’s a lot of effort that goes into skin to make it look effortless. My mother is extremely disciplined when it comes to her skin. The brands she uses, she has used for years. She started using French luxury skincare brand Clarins when she was in her 30s and hasn’t stopped (she’s now in her mid-60s).
Once, when she was at the airport in Rouen, France, she was buying some Clarins products and the shop assistant asked for her passport. The woman looked at my mother’s photo and started chatting to her colleague in French. The age on her passport had confused them – they couldn’t believe she was in her 40s. Hooray! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel – here was my mother, who had birthed two children who didn’t sleep for years (which she regularly reminds me of), looking so radiant that these French women were bewildered by her age. The lesson here? Looking after your skin pays off.

Georgie wears Albus Lumen dress. Holding Clarins Double Serum


While we often use the same products, we do have slightly different regimes. My mother uses the Super Restorative range, while I use the Extra-Firming range. However, Clarins’ Double Serum (launched in 1985, it’s the brand’s “most powerful Complete Age Control Concentrate” and number-one seller) is something we both use. An incredible anti-ageing treatment, it’s suited to all women over the age of 25 and works to firm the skin, smooth wrinkles, restore radiance, even out the complexion and diminish the look of pores. Yes, yes, yes, I need it all! How does it do all this? By combining two serums in one and featuring 21 active plant extracts (including its newest ingredient turmeric, which works to reduce acne, calm skin conditions like eczema and rosacea and much more).
You can use the Double Serum morning and/or evening, before your usual cream. On days where your skin is oilier, you can dial the adjustable nozzle back to a smaller amount. In autumn and winter, I use it twice a day.
Other than turmeric, some key ingredients include avocado (one of my all-time favourite things to eat). Avocado peptides help purify and plump up the skin, while organic avocado oil leaves it soft and supple. There’s also oat, which helps to moisturise and soften the skin, while the sugars from the grain have extreme firming powers for an immediate smoothing effect. And green banana extract, which promotes the synthesis of collagen and the healthy organisation of dermal structure.

It’s the kind of powerful beauty product you’ll try once and never stop using. It’s tried and tested and it will make you glow. So, here it is, your light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s turn back that clock, shall we?  

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