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Our Founder Georgie Abay’s Post-ISO Wardrobe

Having spent so much of my career working in fashion magazines, I was a consumer. Every day at VOGUE, there was newness to look at. Newness to desire. Trends to try. Trends to forget. And if I’m honest, all the newness got rather exhausting. When I went on maternity leave, I spent the entire six months in a uniform of jeans and T-shirts and it was a great relief to no longer have to worry about what to wear. I had my uniform and stuck to it. Eventually at VOGUE, I subscribed to uniform dressing – easy-to-wear pieces that I could mix in match in mostly neutral colours (a fun statement skirt in wild colours was the exception)...

When COVID-19 hit, and we all started working from home, just like when I went on maternity leave, the pressure on having to put together outfits each day was suddenly off. And everyone I spoke to was delighted about it. Activewear, track pants, jumpers, slippers, sneakers – we all slipped into comfort dressing seamlessly. As a working mother, having to dress for both my lives – mum and editor – can get confusing, and frankly annoying. Albeit, it’s now far easier than when they were babies and toddlers (back then, I wouldn’t get dressed until just before we were about to dash out the door for fear of avocado being smeared across my clothes). But in this new world, we were all dressing to go… absolutely nowhere. And that’s where we stayed for a few months.

Last week in Australia, our lockdown laws were relaxed. We are now allowed to gather with a small number of people. We’re able to see friends and family face-to-face and as I write this, it’s the first day that all children are back at school together. For the first time in months, there’s some vague sense of normality in the air. The uncertainty still lingers, of course, but at least there’s a small glimmer of hope that one day in the not too distant future, life will return to normal (whatever normal looks like now).

While living in loungewear was incredibly comfy, it’s now time to dive a little deeper into my wardrobe to find those easy-to-wear pieces that used to get me through the week. And it’s also time to rethink how I shop moving forward. Over the last few months, our consumption habits have changed dramatically. I hope we will continue to shop in a more mindful and considered way and that means we need to buy less. I don’t want a lot of clothes, but I want the right clothes. How many times have you stepped inside your wardrobe and stared blankly at your closet wondering what on earth you’re going to wear? I’m guilty. Which, brings me to Oroton – that iconic Australian brand which has been in my life for what feels like forever.

When Sophie Holt, one of the country’s most clever creatives, took over as creative director in 2018, we all waited eagerly to see what she would do. Less than two years later, she has re-invigorated the brand’s rich heritage injecting a spirit of now, evolving the leather goods product offering, and launching full ready-to-wear collections. The leather goods range is phenomenal (try and pick your favourite here – it’s near impossible). And the ready-to-wear collection is inspired by the idea of uniform dressing – each piece is designed to take you well past the current season and can be mixed and matched. From the perfect brown buttery leather midi skirt to chic poplin cotton shirts to heavenly knits, the range features unfussy and contemporary pieces designed to elevate everyday dressing. Basically, Oroton will simplify the process of getting dressed, and I figure we all need ease in our lives right now. “Wearing Oroton gives you a sense of confidence and style that looks effortlessly pulled together,” explains Holt who created the RTW collection simply because she couldn’t find anything she wanted to wear herself.

So, as we step back out into the world, here’s my edit of my favourite Oroton pieces. They’re that perfect mix of classic and contemporary, fun and functional and timeless yet bang on trend. And the knits are especially perfect for both WFH and also heading back into the office or out with friends.

Go to www.oroton.com | Photography: Julie Adams