Parenting: How Childhood Fun Differs When You’re A Parent |

Parenting: How Childhood Fun Differs When You’re A Parent

So many things about childhood are fun as a kid. The reality is a little different when you’re a parent, writes Evelyn Lewin…

Before having children it’s easy to think back to your own childhood and get excited about all the things you’ll do with your future child. Oh, the fun you’ll have hanging out at the park together. Or painting for hours. Playing games. Eating kids’ food. Just mucking around. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve actually got real-life offspring, the idea of doing most of those things have lost some of their shine. Here’s a rundown of how childhood fun differs when you’re a kid versus a parent… Holding image: Julie Adams

As a kid: Sleeping sucks!

As a parent: You’re wrong, kids! Trust me on this. Sleeping is the best! While I used to hate going to bed as a child, and would wake up as early as possible, as a parent I now understand that sleep is the magical elixir that keeps the world spinning. If only I could impart this wisdom onto my children… Sigh.

As a kid: Lollies are the best!

As a parent: Oh, their poor teeth. They’re going to have cavities. It’s so bad for them plus there’s no nutrition. Why can’t they eat a piece of fruit instead? Great, now they’re running around in their undies, swinging from the chandelier. Did someone say sugar high?

As a kid: Staying up late is so much fun!

As a parent: Seriously, you want to stay up late? And then get up early? It’s one or the other, people. Personally, I’d love it if we could all stay up late and then all sleep in. But if you’re planning on staying up late and waking up early (like you always do), then I‘ll have to vote against this one, kids. Sorry.

As a kid: Practical jokes are hysterical!

As a parent: Look, I actually enjoy practical jokes, mainly because you guys love them so much. Anything that makes you smile and giggle like that is more than a little alright in my books. But I’ll tell you a secret: telling the same joke, or doing the same ‘bit’ again and again means it’s no longer as funny as the first time you did it.

As a kid: The more noise the better!

As a parent: Silence truly, really, most definitely is golden. Actually, it’s better than golden. It’s gold wrapped in a warm cuddly blanket drinking a hot coffee in peace. Seriously, as a kid I loved anything that involved noise. Games, toys, singing, listening to music. If it made noise, it was good. Nowadays I still love listening to my kids play and love that most of my life is noisy, in a good way. But when the house is quiet, man, that stuff’s precious.

As a kid: Making cards for mum and dad is the best way to tell them I love them!

As a parent: Who knew this one would be so spot on? As a child, whenever I wanted to tell my parents how much I loved them, I’d make them a card. Boy, would I go to town making the most fantastic card ever. While I loved making these cards, I was always amazed how much my parents seemed to appreciate them. Turns out, getting cards really is as wonderful as my parents made it seem. I adore getting cards from my kids. In my mind, there’s no greater present. Which just goes to show, sometimes kids know best after all.