Pastels Are Here To Stay: Colour Expert Amelia McFarlane On How To Wear Them

Pastels Are Here To Stay: Colour Expert Amelia McFarlane On How To Wear Them

“Colour can be used to make us feel more energetic and alert, optimistic, creative, calm and thoughtful. It’s a simple tool to tap into to enable us to feel more of something we crave,” says Amelia McFarlane, a mother of three and founder of Colour Me In Styling who has dressed celebrities for red carpet events, editorial and print advertising for eight years...

She is passionate about helping women re-establish their sense of style. Here, she shares her love of colour and how to wear it. Photography: Amanda De Simone | Stylist: Amelia McFarlane | Hair and makeup: Isabella schimid | Model: Jacobien Van Der Kleij/Priscillas Model Management

What colours are trending for spring/summer and what kind of skin tones do they suit?

Lilac is popular this spring/summer. Pastels do tend to suit really olive skin or the other extreme, alabaster white can look quite striking. When in doubt, add some fake tan (not too much) to your skin, create an even base to your face with a tinted moisturiser and concealer. And finally, add some colour to your cheeks with a cream blush and voila, pastels will look lovely on you.

How do you wear pastels?

Try to avoid wearing black with pastels. You want to keep the whole look soft so I would advise combining pastels with neutral garments, for example, beige/latte or any shade of grey. This also applies to your shoes. You can really have some fun with pastel nails, and if you’re feeling really brave a pastel eye colour. When wearing pastels, an even dewy skin tone (try some tinted moisturiser) and just a touch of colour added to the cheeks and lips (lip to cheek tint) looks really pretty. The psychological impact of wearing pastels is tapping into a softness and femininity. Subconsciously women gravitate towards pastels after having a baby. This makes sense as women feel an inner craving to nurture themselves through all the change they are experiencing. Wearing pastels also enhances a sense of calm. Sound good? Try wearing pastels and neutrals together and tap into a sense of play with pastel nails. I also love lilac and lemon yellow side by side. For example, a lemon yellow shirt and some lilac pants. The right combination of colours together can create visual harmony.

How do you know what colours suit you best?

Hold colours up close to your face, ideally with your hair back and with a scarf, so it’s an obvious correlation with your skin tone and eye colour. You’ll get a sense of what makes you radiate and what makes you look sickly. If you love the idea of wearing more colour and you’ve tried this and still feel unsure, then get your colours done professionally.

We’re off to get a mani and pedi, what’s one colour we should try right now?

OPI It’s a boy! Soft blue looks amazing. Otherwise a lemon yellow or baby pink.

Are warm and cool colours still a thing?

I think breaking colours into seasons is a bit of a thing of the past. Many people cross over with their seasons. Another theory is categorising people into warm/cool/neutral. Again some people cross over these groups. In saying this, I find that many of my clients with very pale skin who suit a cooler palette can wear fewer colours comfortably. However, clients who have a warmer, olive complexion are less restricted with the varying colours they can wear. Everyone has at least 4 to 5 colours that really make them ‘glow’ without putting on a scrap of makeup. Other colours can still look lovely but need a little fresh makeup to really bring them to life.

How can colour transform your mood?

Colour has the power to transform your mood, hence why it is an important decision influenced by interior stylists in a space when tranquillity, for example, wants to be achieved. Colour can give you confidence, it can make you feel nurtured (pastels are great for this) or it can enable you to be taken seriously. There is so much evidence behind the power of colour and how it can make us feel, hence why I have made this the most integral part of my business.