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The Tale Of Penny Hanan

“I think every stage is challenging because every age is new. Just as you think you have nailed pureed vegetables, they want steak, an iPhone and a mini skirt. I have always encouraged the girls to be kind and considerate, strong and independent – no matter how old they are. This is a constant message,” says the gorgeous Sydney-based Penny Hanan, mother to Pippa, 14, and Stella, 11. “At the moment my biggest challenge is understanding social media. Managing engagement and the way it impacts self esteem – it can be confronting and scary to manage as a parent, but we are muddling our way through week by week"...

Hanan is one of those humble, grounded and creative women who you instantly love. This shoot was organised last minute, yet she couldn’t have been more accommodating and friendly when we descended upon her with just a few hours notice. Raised in the country, Hanan and her family now live in ‘Mimosa’, a spectacular Victorian city terrace in Sydney’s Paddington. They renovated their home a few years ago, enlisting Annie Wilkes of