Polo Dressing Tips From Anna Heinrich


“It was more about what she did than said. She taught me to be a loving, caring and down to earth person. I try and mimic the type of person my mother was and is every single day,” says Anna Heinrich, when I ask her about what her mother taught her about life...

She’s the blonde beauty who rose to fame after she won The Bachelor back in 2013 (the insanely gorgeous couple are now engaged to be married and yes, she wants to have kids – “we are on route to becoming a family”). The Bondi-based Heinrich grew up in Goulburn in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales and went to boarding school in Sydney when she was 12-years-old. “I have so many fantastic memories from my childhood… they usually involve my two crazy sisters, my loving parents and grandma. We would always do so much together from dinners to shows to holidays to just hanging out in the park.” And of course, as one of three girls, there were the usual fights over clothes. “My younger sister Charlotte would always steal my clothes and let’s just say, it didn’t end well,” she says, with a laugh.

While she’s a practising lawyer, she’s always loved fashion and has just been announced as Forever New’s ambassador for the polo season. Her fashion picks of the season? “It’s hard to pick my favourite. I love the midi length Prairie style dress – so chic and elegant and absolutely perfect for the polo in its cream colourway. I am also loving print this season and the flippy mini dress with the gorgeous floral print is ideal for a day on the green.”

We caught up with Heinrich to get her tips for what to wear, colours she loves (hint: sorbet and pastel shades) and the accessories to buy and more.

Photography: Michelle Holden | Hair and makeup: Max May | Videographer: Grace Alyssa Kyo | Special thanks to Kurri Burri Polo Club | In association with Forever New

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Happy, thankful and engaged.

How would you describe your mum?

My mum was and still is supermum… she can literally do EVERYTHING – #nurse #chef #caretaker #makeupartist #seamstress you name it!

What was it like growing up with sisters?

Hectic, crazy and manic! To think my dad wanted three girls… what was he thinking?!

What advice would you give to your younger self?  

Don’t be so hard on yourself, you will survive.

Talk us through what you’ll be wearing to the Portsea Polo in January?

Your outfit must be appropriate for the occasion and the polo is quite a specific dress code. Steer clear of anything with sparkle and opt for great day dress. Comfort is key for me, I will definitely be wearing block heels to keep my feet happy and a wide-brim hat to keep my face protected.

What accessories do you love the most?

If I had to choose… it would be a killer pair of heels or costume jewellery earrings. You should always coordinate your accessories to your outfit. Accessories will complete your outfit so choose wisely.

Talk us through your career path… what lead you to practise law?

Law was never the end-point for me, it was meant to be more of a stepping stone but things don’t always go to plan. After high school, I took a year off to travel before coming back to complete an arts degree at Sydney University. After the arts degree, I was still unsure of where I was heading so I began to study law and never looked back.

You also studied anthropology…

People, cultures and their differences have always fascinated me. The world is an unbelievable place.

How has your career changed since winning The Bachelor back in 2013?

I’m still a practising lawyer, but I now combine this with my media commitments. I worked so hard to become a lawyer and then this bright and shiny new world opened up. I don’t know how long it will last, but when the lights dim, I’ll be perfectly happy to go back to being a lawyer and coming home to Tim (which is the most important thing). Life really isn’t that different. We still have family dinners every week and I catch up with friends on the weekends.

“ White and creams are classic and beautiful colours for the polo season. I’m also loving sorbet and pastel shades for summer ”

What’s the secret to a happy relationship?

Communication! I learnt that from Tim.

What are Tim’s most endearing qualities?  

His strength, persistence, drive, passion and calming nature… I could go on and on. He’s a great man.

What are the more challenging parts of being a media personality?

I really can’t complain about anything. I know how fortunate I am, and I know ‘who’ and ‘what’ is real in my life. To me that is all that will ever matter. Growing up in Goulburn, I’d have never imagined that we’d even be having this conversation!

How much time do you spend on social media – do you ever detox from it?

It really depends on what I’m doing. I love clothes and dressing up, and I love sharing that. If I’m doing something exciting for work, I’ll share that. If I think I look cute that day, I’ll share that too (haha!). It’s a pretty amazing photo album. Life is mad, isn’t it?!

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to think I’m chic, sophisticated, fun and flirty. I always dress for the occasion… know where you’re headed.

What’s your favourite part of attending the polo?

For me, it’s about dressing up, having a laugh and getting involved in all its extravagance.

What excites you most about getting married?

Cementing our relationship and to know we are on route to becoming a family.

Do you want children one day?

Yes definitely! I knowing that it will be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things I ever do. The love of my family to date has been overwhelming and nothing compares to the love and devotion of your family.

What beauty products do you use daily?

I’m a big believer in not loading your face with copious amounts of different products. I keep it clean and simple and mainly use a day/night moisturiser (I love La Prairie Skin Caviar… it’s a goodie).

What’s your approach to health and wellbeing?

I believe in moderation and giving your body the fuel it needs. For me, exercising is about keeping things interesting and varied. I like to mix it up on a daily basis and don’t abide by a strict regime, it’s about getting moving and staying active daily. On average, each week I would do 2 x Infinite Cycle classes and 2 x Pump classes. I love to walk, so I try to do that as often as I can with family or friends. I also like to do body weighted exercises to break up the routine. There’s also TRM with Tim which is a great workout and a great way for us to spend some extra time together.

What makes you feel stressed?

Being late! Argh, it’s so frustrating, I’m getting stressed thinking about it right now!

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