If you spotted Benita Bensch on the street, you wouldn't likely presume she'd had challenges conceiving. With her four beautiful boys, thriving careers (yes, that's multiple) and infectious smile in tow, she looks instead like a woman who life - and motherhood - may have come easily to.

But as always, there's more to Benita than meets the eye. And having struggled for years with infertility, Benita has made it her mission to help other women who are experiencing the same levels of heartache.

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Before we visited Helena Vestergaard in her home on Sydney's Northern Beaches for this photo shoot, I had done my research. I knew that the young mother-of-two would be laid back, incredibly cool and of course, impossibly beautiful. But there was a whole lot that took me by surprise...

For one, many mothers who show off the free-spirited beachside persona that Helena embodies so naturally will say that they'd like to have a "house full of children." Helena, however, tells me in a no-nonsense tone that, "We are absolutely done with two. Three would be total chaos."

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As we all settle - or, perhaps, unsettle - into our new normal of self-isolation and social distancing, the news is increasingly bleak. And in the face of our uncertain reality, we're seeking colour, beauty, and simple pleasures. One of our favourite stories from 2018, the Tale of Sabine Getty delivers in spades. She is as vibrant and playful as her spectacular home, enviable wardrobe, and unique jewellery designs (inspired by one of her daughter's bright geometric toys). And with Sabine's unshakeable positivity, and belief in keeping things simple, we felt there was never a more apt time to revisit this Tale…

Luxury jewellery designer Sabine Getty is getting her 17-month-old daughter Gene to climb on her back – much to the delight of The Grace Tales team.

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The dream home, two gorgeous girls and a beautiful, talented mother living in one of Sydney's most spectacular homes. However there's so much more to this tale (including the most dreamy white interiors - scroll down and swoon), and the real beauty, as always, lies in the reality of the peaks and gullies of this thing called life. For stylist Romi Weinberg and her daughters Bo, 11, and Tatum, 6, this is a tale of love, resilience, empowerment and inspiration...

Romi has created a stunning, original, cleverly designed home – the minute you step inside, you feel like you've been transported to a luxe Mediterranian villa – has two healthy and happy daughters and enjoys a covetable lifestyle, but like most of our motherhood journeys, it hasn't been without life-changing challenges. "Without a doubt, the most challenging part of motherhood has been being thrown into it, as a single parent unexpectedly three days before Tatum was born," reflects Weinberg. "The saying that what kills you only makes you stronger could not be truer. I am a completely different person today in spite of it. I'm stronger… I'm more resilient. I'm more compassionate and understanding of others and above all I'm more capable. Becoming a single parent means you can't rely on anyone else. You have to do most things on your own and you realise you can. I've most certainly learned not to sweat the small stuff and focus on what and who is important in my life. Whilst I'd never in a million years choose that path for anyone it has shaped me into the mother and person I am today. And I'm better for it," she says.

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To say there's more than meets the eye to Stacey Duguid is somewhat of an understatement. The seasoned fashion editor and magazine writer is now the Fashion Editorial Director at Harrods, where e-commerce, digital content and styling merge to create the perfect modern-day fashion publishing role.

After climbing the fashion ranks at the likes of Harvey Nichols, Prada and Giorgio Armani, and then establishing her magazine career at ELLE for years, Stacey went freelance to allow for more flexibility while caring for her two small children, a move that both cemented her love of publishing and fashion but also confirmed that working in an office environment with a team was more her style…

"I worked from home for five years after leaving ELLE in 2013. I loved being around for our children when they were little, taking them on trips and playing in sandpits, but I also hated having to go back to my desk once I'd put them to bed. I loved being around to pick them up from nursery and school, but no-one tells you when you're freelance you might need to work on a holiday.Everything has its ups and downs, and things change, I worked at ELLE for a decade and was ready to leave in the end, but I just hadn't prepared myself for a career at home with two babies in the house. A maternity cover role came up at Net-A-Porter and given how much I'd missed the camaraderie of working in an office full of like-minded creatives, I decided to do it for a year until I figured things out.A year in an office proved I could no longer stand talking to the dog at home. Time to stop lingering around coffee baristas trying to force them to chat to me, time to get a full-time job, sister!"

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Alexandra Kimball is changing the conversation surrounding infertility with her new book, The Seed: Infertility is a Feminist Issue...

As a pro-choice feminist who has endured a history of miscarriages and infertility, Kimball discovered that femininity had a long way to go in accepting and supporting the notion of work that goes into conceiving, gestating and birthing babies not the in the "natural" form.

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Despite the occasional insensitive "he just looked at me and I fell pregnant" comment and also what you might see on various Instagram feeds, fertility is rarely a straight-forward journey for many women...

And it has been anything but straightforward for nutrition and wellness advisor and founder of Krumbled Foods Keira Rumble, who has inspired women all over the world with her honesty and openness. Over the past five years, she has experienced four pregnancy losses.

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