Quick & Easy Organic Food Options To Feed Your Baby From Six Months

From around six months old, babies need solid food in addition to breastmilk or formula for adequate nutrients and energy. Introducing solid food at this age is also important to help children develop skills required for eating such as chewing, and for speech later in life...

It’s an exciting time for both mother and child as they discover new tastes and textures (even if half of it does end up on the kitchen floor!). Here are some easy and nutritious ideas for organic foods from Bellamy’s Organic you can introduce from six months.

Teething can be a stressful time for babies when new teeth begin to cut through the gums. It’s also an incredibly stressful time for a mum (there’s nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain). Bellamy’s Organic milk rusks will help to bring your baby’s gums relief during their teething years.

Rise and shine – it’s breakfast time! When your baby is ready for new flavours, organic apple and cinnamon porridge, cereal with prune and vanilla rice custard are great options for introducing new tastes.

Ready to serve baby food
Purees are important for babies to develop their taste buds. For babies just starting to learn about solids foods, Bellamy’s Organic offers ready to serve meals, which are a convenient and wholesome way to introduce new and different taste combinations. There are nine fruit base varieties that have a smooth texture that can be introduced as early as 4+ months. Ideal for busy mothers.

Bellamy’s Organic pastas are a great next step in introducing new textures and vegetables to your baby’s diet in addition to prompting chewing. The organic brown rice pasta stars are a gluten-free, wholesome option within the Bellamy’s range.

When Your Child Is 1-3 Years...

Organic Apple Snacks
Apples are recognised as a fruit that retains some of the highest level of pesticides and chemicals when not grown organically; but with Bellamy’s Organic Apple Snacks, your toddler is getting only natural goodness from certified organic fruit, grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Each delicious slice of apple is snap dried which simply removes moisture from the apple, leaving you with a crisp and crunchy between-meals snack, with all the taste, fibre and nutrients of a fresh organic apple. Apple snacks come in a resealable pouch, so you can give your toddler a healthy snack when you’re on-the-go.

Organic Pinkies Apple Strawberry Mango
Pinkies fruity little fingers are another great way of giving your toddler the goodness of organic fruit and grains in one little finger bar. Bellamy’s Pinkies are made with our own Porridge cereal, combined with organic apple, strawberry and mango for a snack packed with fruity taste! Pinkies are the perfect addition to baby bags, lunch boxes, or the emergency snack in your handbag!  The only trouble you will have is only eating one! Bellamy’s Pinkies contain no added flavours, synthetic additives or preservatives, so you can be sure you are providing your family with foods that set them on the path of mindful eating.

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