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At Home With Rebecca Judd

Photography: Marcel Aucar Makeup: Casey Malady from Napoleon Perdis Hair: Courtney Bodger from Oscar Oscar Salons in Doncaster Words: Georgie Abay

Rebecca Judd might just be Australia’s busiest mother. She also happens to be one of the most glamorous. The Melbourne-based beauty who describes herself as “warm, genuine, busy, easy going and punctual” is married to Carlton football star Chris Judd. She started her career as a model before moving into speech pathology and now works as a blogger and television presenter with other exciting side projects on the go (we’ll get to those). It has been a big year for the multi-tasking mother, who gave birth to a baby girl, Billie, back in February and has a two-year-old son Oscar.

“I’ve started knocking back a lot of great work opportunities because I am far too busy and I really want to enjoy these days with my kids and not look back and regret the time I missed because of work,” says Judd. “I love the quote that reads, ‘never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’. That is my new mantra.” To get everything done, she enlists the help of a nanny three days a week. “My week’s are planned out like nobody’s business. Our nanny helps me with the kids and with lots of work around the house. I don’t know where I’d be without her,” says Judd.

Judd has launched two new projects this year: The Style School, a new home and interiors digital TV series and Beauty EDU, an independent beauty school. “I have co-founded Beauty EDU with three other people. We are shaking up the beauty industry and delivering a curriculum, which will better prepare our students to be industry ready. We have campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Bairnsdale and are looking to expand into other states too. It’s a huge undertaking but something I am super excited about,” says Judd. The Style School is run through her blog Rebecca Judd Loves. It features a week-by-week room reveal of her entire house where viewers can ‘shop the look’ from paint colour and light switches to furniture and decor. “I started it because I was inundated with questions from my blog audience about interior styling and items I used in my new house,” says Judd.

To make it all work, routine is key. “My kids are routine kids – they thrive on it. I’m so busy with my family and my work that having my kids on a routine is a must. Billie and Oscar were both sleeping through the night from a very early age … routines aren’t for everyone but if you value your sleep and are busy during the day with lots of things on, then routines are a must. If you’re more of a ‘go with the flow’ type and not so busy then routines aren’t as integral.”

Her advice to new mothers? “You can feel really shitty at times and sometimes you might not think that having a newborn is the most ahhmazing thing in the world. That’s ok. It’s ok if it’s hard and it’s ok if you don't enjoy yourself some days. It’s the hardest job ever (and the most rewarding) and some days you’ll feel crap — this does not make you a bad mother — it makes you NORMAL.”

Rebecca’s little list of loves:
Cuddles with my baby girl Billie. I’m happy to say she is definitely a mummy’s girl and follows me with her gaze wherever I go. I just have to look at her and she breaks out into a huge gummy smile. I’m soaking it up as it might not always be this way.
My Wega Mininova coffee machine. I look forward to going to bed at night because it means I get to have a coffee in the morning. This espresso machine is cafe style and I have enjoyed becoming a home barista. Now when we go out to cafes, the coffee just doesn’t compare. My hubby and I have become the biggest coffee snobs!
Dineamic frozen meals. Amazing home cooked taste to them and no nasties at all and 97% fat free so my husband allows himself to eat them (he’s always on a diet). These meals are so good for the busy mum/dad and are nutritious and easy to prepare (like just whack them in a pot or microwave to heat). My faves are the Moroccan lamb tagine and green chicken curry.
Musq cosmetics exfoliant. No nasties and made of rice and clay. AHHHHMAZING!
Our hot spa, which we are lucky enough to have at home. We use it every single day with our son, even when it’s 10 degrees outside.
My gold flecked cowhide, which I use as a rug in Billie’s nursery – it makes me smile every time I look at it.
Instagram - I’m addicted!
Country Road homewares – in the ‘Designer’ league but without the price tag.
Chatting and dancing with my two-year-old son, his musings on the world around him are hilarious in their simplicity and honesty.