This is how stylist Romi Weinberg throws a farm party

Sydney stylist extraordinaire and mother of two Romi Weinberg reflects on her daughter Tatum's incredible farm party...

“This was my youngest daughter’s second birthday (she’s now 6!) and at the time she was obsessed with farm animal toys. It was also a theme that lent itself to boys and girls. At that age, it’s a little difficult to keep it to just one sex. Two-year-olds love touching and feeling real life animals and I knew a petting zoo was perfect with this theme. Add to that I had a fabulous idea for her costume which I was super excited to make!

I choose a colour palette which was playful and unexpected. Chalk paint, fluoro orange and pale pink. I love a pop of fluoro against neutrals and use that in both my event and interior styling. Little plastic farm animals were spray painted in chalk paint and scattered in clusters. I also attached them to baby food jars which I painted in fluoro orange and filled with the sweetest pale pink bonbon lollies. One was placed at each child’s seat.

The guests were all asked to dress up as their favourite farm animal, so it seemed fitting to set up a photo booth with a Polaroid camera. My girls and I still love going through the pics from the day.

My main project for this party was the take home gifts. I decided to hand make a hobby horse for each guest which was also a part of the decor on the day. They were incredibly time consuming and took hours and hours to complete, but looked fabulous and I still have friends who have kept them in their kids’ rooms to this day. Well worth the effort!

Our cubby house was turned into a (very busy) candy shop! Big jars of pink, orange and white lollies were stacked between chalk sprayed animals and old-fashioned berry boxes waiting to be filled! A dinner of chicken and chips was served in empty egg crates along with some country style corn on the cob.”

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Words: Romi Weinberg | Follow @romistyles____  | Images: Natalie Hunfalvay 



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