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The Tale of Sara Riff

Photography: Jenna Potter Words: Georgie Abay

As the Director of Entertainment Relations at Jimmy Choo, the stylish LA-based Sara Riff has, in her own words, the “dream job”. “It involves everything from working with celebrities to editorial, product placement and special events. It’s basically a dream job,” she says. She also has another dream job: mother to the adorable Tatiana Plum Edelman, 22 months. Since her daughter arrived, time management has become key for Riff. “I really believe that having a child has made me much more efficient in many areas of my life because I have a better appreciation for the value of time. It lets you trim the fat in a lot of ways.”

Earlier this year, Riff and her fashion writer friend Melissa Magsaysay launched The Hive, a fabulous online destination for busy women who want to stay in step with their pre-motherhood style. “We didn’t feel like there were any resources when we became pregnant that spoke to us and didn’t feel like such a departure from what we were reading pre-pregnancy.” So they created one. "The site addresses the ever elusive balance that mothers search for and blends fashion, beauty, shopping and motherhood all in one place.” From interviews with high profile mothers such as jewellery designer and mother of two Jennifer Meyer, to style tips from fashion designers such as Rebecca Taylor, Riff says “we both have access to so many incredible women and wanted to tap them for their tips and secrets.”

On surviving sleep deprivation, Riff’s secret weapon is a really good concealer. She also credits survival to the adrenaline mothers get during those first few months. “You just get through it. It was so hard for me to follow the advice of napping when your baby naps because I was always trying to get stuff done like cleaning up or writing thank you notes, but really all of that CAN wait.” It also helped that she was blessed with a good sleeper. At least, she used to be. “Tati was a great sleeper in the beginning, but now she is going through a phase where sleep is more of an issue and she only wants to be in our bed. It’s easy to worry that a phase your child is going through will last forever, but it always changes so I try to roll with the punches as much as possible. Plus she won’t want to snuggle forever, so sometimes I just try to relax and enjoy it.”

As a working mother, spare time is spent with her family. “I want to spend ALL of my free time with Tati and that doesn’t leave a ton of time for just me. It’s important to check in and remember to take care of yourself when your focus shifts to taking care of someone else. I think happiness has a trickle down effect with kids.”

Sara’s little list of loves:
Dancing with Tati.
Getting out to the beach on the weekends.
Facials with Cristina Radu. Rose.
Jennifer Meyer Nameplate Necklace.
Sundays at the Farmer’s Market.
Coconut Oil.
Decaf Almond Lattes from Kings Road Café.
Our nightly bath.
Thierry Lasry Sunglasses.

June 2014


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