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Shamara Bondaroff Answers The GRACE Quiz

We are delighted to share our second GRACE Quiz alongside our favourite cheeky knitwear label, Lingua Franca, from their feature - "It Takes A Village," (photographed by our favourite NYC photographer, Yumi Matsuo, no less).

The series (you can view the full collection here) features a range of diverse, inspiring women and their children, all in their home of New York City. Wearing Lingua Franca’s signature personality-filled cashmere sweaters, it was a match made in aesthetic heaven. 

Today for The GRACE Quiz, we are featuring the remarkable Shamara Bondaroff. “Brooklyn-native, Shamara is the Founder of SB Skin, a prominent NYC microcurrent studio. Shamara incorporates all she has learned in her skin care practice, taking a holistic approach that best serves her clients’ skin and lifestyle .She is funny, smart, and full of warmth. In early 2019, Shamara gave birth to her first child, Glory.”

Here is a little taste of the amazing Shamara … 

Shop Lingua Franca | Photography by Yumi Matsuo

Your name? 
Shamara Bondaroff
What do you do?
I’m an esthetician and founder of SB SKIN
Your children?
Glory Valentina 
Your hometown?
Born, raised and live in Brooklyn
Coffee or green juice?
Green juice and coffee (never had coffee pre-baby!)
Exercise of choice? 
Wine or meditation? 
Book on your nightstand? 
A ton of “how to” baby books and my journal
Last podcast you listened to? 
Album on repeat?
Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits 

Favourite app? 
NANIT – it is my baby monitor app, but they give you great insights and history. Plus, they have good newsletters to go with your child age and show progress of her sleep.  I really like watching her when she sleeps and I also love catching my cat sneaking into her bed when we aren’t home.
Top mum hack? 
I place my daughter’s lovey over her eyes when she is supposed to nap … Covering her eye has sped up the fall asleep time. 
Winner kids’ meal? 
We are still new on the food – every day is something different. One day she will hate something and the next day love it. Right now, sweet potato & spinach, zucchini & apples, banana & mangos, peaches & quinoa.  I’m just pureeing away every night and see what will stick or be stuck on the wall.
Favourite parenting book?
I’m just going with the flow.
Favourite baby product?
Weleda baby body oil

Top kids’ label?
Zara Kids hands down is my favourite. It has the best price points and style. Then I love Spearmint for their basic line and they carry great brands as well. I love consignment shopping online or hitting stores in Manhattan. Glory grew out of clothing quickly, so I am realising how much money I wasted on things she wore once. I love shopping for her so I don’t feel as guilty if it was a deal!
Most clicked website?  
Besides Amazon?!

Mother crush? 
I wouldn’t say I have a mother crush on anyone, but I get it now since having a baby. I have an all-new respect for all moms, including my own mother. I appreciate having mom chats with friends and random moms.  It was a secret club I almost didn’t get into. I use to think, “Ugh, I don’t want to go to dinner with so and so because all they want to do is talk about mom life…” Now that is me and I am not sorry for it!
Favourite night time ritual? 
Cleaning my apartment (I will literally be on my hands and knees washing the kitchen floor, putting everything back in its place, vacuuming, hand washing everything of Glory’s), doing a workout video and ending it with a long hot bath.
Sleep training or go with the flow? 
A little of both. Each night is different. She basically sleep trained herself and me.
Go-to workday outfit? 
It’s been tough since the baby – I still haven’t lost all the pregnancy weight. So what worked pre-baby isn’t fully working now. As we are getting into fall, it will be black high waisted jeans as always but instead of a tucked in fitted shirt – it will be a blouse knotted at the waist.
Dress up a look with … ?
Red lipstick always… And then a vintage Chanel bag.

Top beauty product?
I mean, I can write a list longer then these questions, but my top few go-tos are…  Honey Girl eye and face cream for nights, Elemis eye masks for a quick boost. Nouri hydrating face masks, True Botanical vitamin C, Supernal face oil and my face ice roller… Then of course, weekly microcurrents in my office
Greatest wellness activity? 
Lymphatic massage, infrared saunas or a good hot bath.

Biggest regular indulgence?
I just realised I need some indulgence in my life. Every so often I need a vegan chocolate chip cookie from By Chloe’s or vegan donuts from Erin McKenna’s Bakery.
Top relationship tip?  
Don’t take it personally and your word is everything.
Hardest age?
I don’t remember the first 2 months. It wasn’t that it was hard, I think I was just in the thick of sleep deprivation. I started to keep a journal of everything Glory. I try to write before bed so I won’t forget anything anymore.
Favourite age? 
Now (6.5 months)
One tip for a first-time mum? 
Don’t compare yourself to ANYONE. It’s easy to get caught up on someone else’s progress or their child’s progress. Don’t bother, don’t do it.  
One thing you’re working on? 
Myself and sleep. When I work on both, then I’m just a better person and a better momma. Always a work in progress.