Shop now: 10 earrings to try this winter

It’s hard to escape the lure of earrings this season, with oversized shapes and subtle but statement making gold proving a serious case for over-accessorising...

While we know they aren’t always the easiest accessory to wear when you’re a mum (hands up if you’ve had a gentle “tug” whilst feeding/wrangling!), they actually are a miracle worker when it comes to instantly reviving a dull and lifeless winter outfit, case in point the humble denim and knit combo so many of us fall victim to once the weather cools. With the variety of styles and price points on offer, it’d be a crime not to try a fun pair this season. No excuses now…

Editor: Marisa Remond | Holding image: Courtesy of J.Crew

1. Geometric

2. Dainty

3. Beaded

4. Bright

5. Sculptural

6. Dramatic

7. Textured

8. Delicate

9. Fun

10. Tasseled