Special Announcement: The Grace Tales Supports Every Mother Counts |

The Grace Tales Supports Every Mother Counts

As women in developed countries, we’re acutely aware of how fortunate we are to have safe, accessible care for maternity, birth and postpartum.

But sadly, too many women around the world do not have access to essential maternity care, and more than 800 women a day die from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. What’s even more astounding? Almost all of these maternal deaths are preventable.


That’s why we could not be more proud to announce our official support of Every Mother Counts.

Founded by CEO Christy Turlington Burns, Christy acknowledged that becoming a mother was a life-transforming experience, which led her on a journey with maternal health as a central focus.
We agree wholeheartedly with Every Mother Counts’ philosophy, which highlights the profound responsibility we have to prepare other women for the unexpected events that make pregnancy and childbirth unsafe for millions of others around the world.
Every Mother Counts was created to raise awareness and to educate the public about an issue that touches us all, but one that not enough people know about until it’s too late. Every mother has a story, which is something we live by at The Grace Tales. It is also one that is central to Every Mother Counts, who ensures a variety of stories are documented and shared widely so that others will learn from them and one day, these tragedies will be stories of the past.

We are incredibly proud to be supporting Every Mother Counts through our GRACE Collective Memberships, whereby $10 from every membership will be donated directly to Every Mother Counts. Keep your eyes peeled also for regular fundraising activities we will undertake for the cause, including social activities and our GRACE Talks events.

For more information on Every Mother Counts, see their website here.