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Speedo Collaborates With Artist Matthew Langille

Speedo knows how to make a statement with swimwear. The iconic Australian brand has just collaborated with the renowned New York based artist Matthew Langille on the new Summer 2015 Flipturns swimwear collection for women, girls, boys and babies. Inspired by New York and Los Angeles, Langille who has previously worked for brands such as Marc Jacobs and Adidas) has created an eye-catching range featuring neon-bright pieces in punchy prints. We caught up with the talented artist to find out more about the new range…

How did the collaboration with Speedo come about?
"Someone on Speedo read an interview I had done for an Aussie blog. Speedo contacted me and it all went from there.

How did you come up with theme of New York and LA?
The idea to do something around NYC was brought to me by Speedo’s Creative Development Manager, Tahnee Mcllwraith. As I live here in NYC it was easy for me to brainstorm which places would be fun to use for inspiration in designing the collection with the Speedo team.

How did you start the design process?
I decided to take inspiration from my favourite places in NYC. I took some photos and then used those photos, mixed with my hand and artwork, to come up with a range of designs to be used across all collections from women’s to girls, toddlers and babies. Inspiration for me is everywhere, like most artists. The most important thing is trying to harness the moment when the ideas are freshest, grab them, and build on them.

How long does it take you to do one drawing? Do you do a lot of versions until you are happy?
I have always used stacks of computer paper. I go through stacks and stacks sometimes, maybe 400 pages, before I get some drawings that are just right. I also don’t use pencil. I feel pencil and erasers tend to force you to conform and make lines and marks more controlled, dictated, and less creative. I prefer the fluidity of the hand and the magic of a mark.

What is your favourite piece from the collaboration?
The graffiti print I think. I also love the girls statue of liberty suit a lot. I love them all. It’s hard to pick as they really all bring something different in feel."

For more information, go to www.speedo.com.au

Speedo-Matthew-Langille-womens_graffiti-splash-leaderback-one-piece Speedo-Matthew-Langilleinfant-girls_apples-scoopback-one-piece Speedo-Matthew-Langille-womens_freedom-convertible-back-one-piece Speedo-Matthew-Langille-girls-liberty-v-back-one-piece