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#spendwiththem At Red Cedar Dorrigo, The Bush Store With Style

In the wake of this Summer’s Australian bushfire crisis, we’re profiling our favourite fire-affected businesses from the instagram account @spendwiththem. Led by Turia Pitt and Grace McBride, the #spendwiththem movement shines a light on small, local businesses who need our support to rebuild and recover. Online shopping that makes a difference? Say no more.

If life came with checkboxes, Dorrigo’s Red Cedar would tick all of them. A family owned and operated business? Tick. Ethically made products? Tick. Stocking Australian labels? Tick. And if there’s one thing that the #spendwiththem and #buyfromthebush movements have proven, it’s that rural retail need not sacrifice on style. Red Cedar is living proof of that.

Owner Kelsey Meehan runs Red Cedar out of Dorrigo, a tiny NSW town with a population of just 1000. But the store is teeming with a curated selection of everything from baby goods, to women’s clothing, furniture and homewares, beauty and wellness, gifts, and more.

They’ve had a tough few months from drought to fire – but now is the time to rebuild. We’ll be more than happy to click add to cart. For purely selfless reasons, of course.

Visit Red Cedar online or on Instagram.