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#spendwiththem: Huskisson’s White Earth

In the wake of the still-burning Australian bushfire crisis, we’re profiling our favourite fire-affected businesses from the instagram account @spendwiththem. Led by Turia Pitt and Grace McBride, the #spendwiththem movement shines a light on small, local businesses who need our support to rebuild and recover. Online shopping that makes a difference? Say no more.

Beautiful Jervis Bay on the NSW coastline is famous for its dazzling blue green waters and white sand. A summer haven for Australian families, and a hidden gem for international tourists, its shores looked decidedly uninviting over the Christmas season of 2019. With bushfires raging out of control, the peak season – the busiest time for small local business reliant on foot traffic – went up in flames too.

White Earth, a boutique located in the historic township of Huskisson, describes itself like a breath of fresh air:

“Our purpose is to educate and inspire others to take time to breathe, connect your mind, body and spirit to restore, and live your authentic life supported by all that nature has to offer.”

Founder and creator of White Earth, Elizabeth White, is a qualified Beauty Therapist who has been committed to using natural products and therapies for over 25 years – well before ‘natural’ became a buzzword with a pricetag.

White Earth’s lovingly curated selection of organic teas, beauty and body products, and homewares, result in a space that’s as calming and soothing as its wares.

But the fallout from the fire season means White Earth has a long road ahead to recovery. And while the rest of the country swings back into work, school, and life, Jervis Bay will be picking up the pieces and attempting to get across the line to next summer. So in the meantime, the best thing we can do for them? Shop.

Image: Holiday makers at nearby Currarong in Jervis Bay watch the fires burn. 

Photographer: Nick Moir