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Spice Apple Quinoa Porridge Recipe

A super-tasty bowl of energy and goodness...

Oats are a great energy source, full of fibre and minerals. With the addition of quinoa, this porridge packs in more protein for fuelling up. The best bit, though, is the juicy, fruity extras which are fabulous vitamin-packed flavour wonders with antibacterial goodness to beat bugs.

Photography by Charlotte Kibbles | Go www.lizzieloveshealthy.com


Serves 4

1 cup (90g) gluten-free oats
750ml – 1 litre almond milk
sea salt, to sprinkle
1 tbsp ground cinnamon, plus
extra to serve
2 pitted dates, finely chopped
¼ cup (40g) raisins
1 apple, cored and chopped
or grated
1 cup quinoa flakes
1 tbsp flaked almonds
maple syrup, to drizzle

Get your little ones to scatter over some frozen berries to cool it down, drizzle some honey on top to taste.

10 mins to prepare.


Put the oats in a pan with enough milk to cover and a sprinkle of salt.

Heat gently and stir for 2–3 minutes.

Stir in the cinnamon, dates, raisins and apple, and cook for 5 minutes. (Add a bit more milk if the mixture gets too dry.)

Stir through the quinoa flakes and cook for another couple of minutes, continuing to add milk if needed, until thick and tender.

Divide between bowls, sprinkle with the almonds, drizzle over the maple syrup and serve with a pinch of cinnamon.