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Stuck In a Lunchbox Rut? Here’s 10 Of The Best Lunchbox Instagram Accounts To Follow

Let’s be real - prepping the kids’ lunchboxes every day can be a serious chore...

If it isn’t the constant grocery shopping or catering to everyone’s different tastes and allergies to think about, there’s the lack of ideas and time on any given day to create meals and snacks that actually get eaten with enthusiasm… To help with the inspiration needed to nail the daily lunchbox grind, we’ve scoured Instagram for the top 10 accounts that make healthy food and meal prep seem accessible and even exciting. Follow away and keep the lunchbox blues at bay!

1. @lalalunchbox

Seriously clever ideas that make even the simplest food look enticing. 

Visit: @lalalunchbox

2. @landryslunches

Picky eaters be gone! Adorable food ideas that make regular meals seem exciting (blue pasta, anyone?).

3. @dictatorlunches 

The hilarious @jennymollen takes her son’s lunchbox seriously, but also with the perfect amount of humour and irreverence. 

4. @jokate_nutrition 

GRACE Collective member Jo is a clinical nutritionist who creates the most nourishing meals that the entire family can enjoy. 

5. @schoollunchbox

A dad’s seriously impressive take on school lunchboxes and clever meal prepping. 

6. @goodiegoodielunchbox

Unique meal ideas with easy-to-follow recipes and a very realistic approach to food. 

7. @littlepeoplenutrition 

We particularly love this account’s healthy take on lunchbox-friendly treats.

8. @kidlunchbox 

A really well-curated account filled with clever ideas and unique (but delicious) meal combinations. 

9. @lunchboxmafia

The inspiration here is abundant! A sure-fire hit. 

10. @yumboxlunch 

They make our favourite lunchboxes, but they also give great ideas on how to fill them.