Stylist Romi Weinberg Throws Her Daughter A 'Fancy Nancy’ Party |

Stylist Romi Weinberg Throws Her Daughter A ‘Fancy Nancy’ Party

"My daughter Tatum is the epitome of femininity! It’s standard practice for me to discover my makeup mysteriously disappearing or to find her in my dressing room layered with the shiniest pieces of clothing I own!

Fancy Nancy is a children’s book about a little girl who is never without her high heels, feather boa and sunglasses. She adores having lavish tea parties and using fabulously big words such as ‘gorgeous’ and ‘glamorous’. This was the perfect theme to incorporate all the things that Tatum loves!” says the uber creative Sydney-based stylist Romi Weinberg. “My girls have grown up with parties and entertaining in our home. I love getting them involved and letting their creativity flow with ideas for decor costumes and entertainment. We have so much fun getting into the spirit of our chosen theme.” On this occasion, each little guest received a brightly coloured feather boa, tutu, singlet and pair of thongs, which Weinberg had covered in copious strips of tulle. An accessories station was filled with star-shaped sunglasses, necklaces, rings and more. “They looked ever so fabulous and fancy!” she says. If you’re in party planning mode for a girl’s birthday, you’re sure to be inspired by this fabulous party. Follow: @romistyles____ | Images: Vicki Lauren

“ I love dressing up the guests and try to do that at every party. The outfit is usually their take home gift. This one was too much fun creating! ”

“ Each little lady received a brightly coloured feather boa, tutu, singlet and pair of thongs which I’d covered in copious strips of tulle ”

“ I sourced nail polish, lip gloss, perfume, sparkle spray... all colour coded of course! ”