The light-filled home of stylist and designer Tamila Purvis in Sydney’s Bondi is relaxed and calm. When we shoot, her son Coda is only seven weeks old. “We love Seventies rock and Coda is the name of one of Led Zeppelin’s albums,” says Purvis of how they came to name their son. It’s clear the home she shares with her partner publisher and editor Campbell Milligan is always filled with music. “Coda falls asleep to a Nick Cave album I listened to a lot while I was pregnant, we baby slow dance to it before I put him to bed.”

Coda’s nursery has a Native American theme to it. “The first item I had on my list was a dream catcher from the guys at electriclove. They’re amazing creations and catching dreams is, of course a priority! In keeping with the Native American theme, my business partner, Mel Kamlser, gave us a gorgeous baby blanket from Pendleton and cutest little moccasins.”

Back in 2009, Purvis and Kamsler launched maniamania, a cult jewellery line which plays with ideas of magic and mysticism (celebrity clients include Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger and Alexa Chung). “My hands have always been covered in rings but for now, they’re naked – its feels quite strange after so many years of heavy metal,” she says.



Purvis is taking four months off work. “I’m fortunate enough that my business partner Mel has been able to look after it all while I’ve been learning how to be a Mummy. I’m still involved in the important decisions and the few meetings I’ve had, I’ve just taken Coda with me.” She’s also managed to style two shows for Zimmermann, over Skype. “They have been so unbelievably understanding and supportive. I’ve worked on two shows for New York fashion week over Skype, so I didn’t have to fly 35 weeks pregnant and then with Coda only 12 weeks old.”

Tamila’s little list of loves:
Morning cuddles and baby talk in bed with Coda.
Chai tea.
Baby Nike Air Max 90.
Having dinner out the front of The Corner House.
Early morning and late afternoon swims at North Bondi.
Lindt sea salt dark chocolate.
My Mum.
Coda’s giggles.
Watching Coda with Campbell – he loves his Daddy.

Photography: Julie Adams Make-up: Sarina Zoe Words: Georgie Abay

December 2013


Given she’s worked as a fashion stylist for over a decade, it’s no wonder fresh-faced Penny Hunt looks the way she does: perfectly put together. She’s the kind of woman who makes you want to go out and purchase a handful of Zimmermann maxi dresses, because she wears them so effortlessly. Hunt’s first job out of University was the beauty editor of Vogue Australia. She’s since moved into fashion writing and styling (her list of celebrity clients includes names such as Cate Blanchett, Mischa Barton and Teresa Palmer).

Even before becoming a mother, she’d perfected her look: “I do wear a lot of Zimmermann in summer, their effortless resort and swim collection is so perfect for hot days and I adore Willow for sexy feminine silhouettes and there’s nothing like snuggling up in a Banjo & Matilda knit in winter … the list goes on, the only bad side of being a stylist is the constant reinvention (spending!).”

Her son Jax is nine months old. “Having a baby not only teaches you about what you need to give up it also shows you that there are limitations and you need to re-prioritise sometimes. Time for yourself comes when they are in bed and if you’re not so tired yourself maybe you get in a bath, a Good Wife episode and a glass of wine.”

Penny’s little list of loves:
That first cup of tea in the morning with a biscuit.
When I get the chance I love to run, especially in Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay and close to the water.
I love to cook and try new recipes while having a glass of yummy Pinot Noir.
Watching the Good Wife lying in bed after Jax is all tucked up for the night.
Dinners out with girlfriends.
Fresh flowers in the house and spring time, when all the Jasmine is blooming.
A long hot shower or bath to unwind – it’s almost the only alone time.
Waking up to a giggling, chatty baby and our dog Ava’s infectious excitement that a new day has begun. She loves wiggling and wagging her tail.
My family and friends.

October 2013

Photography: Julie Adams Hair:  Nisha Van Berkel at Lizard Management Makeup: Sarina Zoe Words: Georgie Abay




Photography: Julie Adams Hair: Amanda Kowalevsky from Oscar Oscar Salons Paddington Makeup: Sarina Zoe Words: Georgie Abay

Even before becoming a mother, Lill Jenner had mastered the art of looking effortlessly understated. It’s no surprise, then, that even though Jenner is now the mother to 10-month-old twin girl’s, Essie and Billie –her style hasn’t changed a bit. Today, the Bondi-based fashion designer whose personal aesthetic perfectly echoes that of the swimwear label Anna & Boy, which she co-designs with Anna Hewitt, is in a pair of leopard print cigarette pants, an A.P.C white T-shirt and bare feet. “Anna & Boy is pretty mum friendly. Most days, I’’ll wear a printed cigarette pant, a T-shirt, Converse and a trench coat. In summer, I wear lots of shorts and dresses.”

On motherhood, Jenner says: “Although often challenging, motherhood has been the most rewarding and beautiful experience of my life. It has calmed my soul and given me a greater purpose. I have always been a very optimistic and happy person but motherhood has made me wake up bright and early each morning with a smile on my face.”

Given both Jenner and Hewitt are now mothers, you can’t help but wonder if childrenswear is on the cards? “We will definitely launch childrenswear one day. It won’’t be too far away because we need pretty clothes to dress our girls in!”.

Lill’s little list of loves:

Looking at my babies sleeping.
Going for a run or yoga.
A big cook up with my husband – we both love to cook.
Earl Grey tea.
Designing Anna & Boy – a good balance to all the mum things I do!
Life drawing classes.
Watching my husband play with the girls he gets them into hysterics and it’s so great to watch.
Hendrick’s gin & tonic (Mumma’s milk! Is that wrong?).
Hanging out with both my sisters. We are very close and they are amazing aunties.
Reading a book or a good magazine. A luxury but when it happens it’s great.
Going to Byron Bay.

May 2013


Jacqueline Perrett is one of those effortlessly cool girls. Based in Sydney’s Bondi, the communications manager for fashion brand Bassike lives in a sun-drenched apartment with her architect partner Kelvin Ho and dog Lily. She became a mother for the first time back in November last year. “”Motherhood has taught me the ability to go with the flow and the power of three deep breaths. We tried to follow routines in the early days, but we ended up following Harriette’s own natural routine, it meant less stress for all involved. Now that she’’s older, we pretty much know what to expect each day.””

Working for a brand whose signature pieces include jersey basics and drawstring pants, dressing during pregnancy was easy for Perrett. She lived in bassike black leather track-pants, men’s oversized white shirts, suede loafers and styled her hair in ponytails. ““Post-baby I am still in the bassike leather track-pants. I wear a lot of bassike and I also love Celine, Proenza Schouler and Tome.”” And as for her daughter, Perrett loves cashmere jumpers from J. Crew, bassike mini for organic cotton slouch pants and striped T-shirts and Makie Clothier “for something special.”

Perrett is the kind of mum who scribbles daily musings about her daughter into a Smythson notebook, who buys her organic fruit and veggies and who lists watching her partner Kelvin and Harriette together as one of her favourite things. “”We want to teach Harriette about compassion; a strong sense of self; and to listen to – and trust – her inner wisdom.””

Jacqueline’s little list of loves:
Giving Harriette a bath. She loves kicking her legs in the water.
Shopping online for Harriette’s clothes.
Watching Kelvin and Harriette together –- it melts my heart!
Having my nails done.
An afternoon siesta.
Harriette’’s laugh.
Going to the organic shop and picking fruit and veggies for Harriette’’s meals.
Weekend walks with Kelvin, Harriette and our dog Lily.
Catching up with friends and their babies.
Putting my feet up and watching a little television at the end of the day.

Photography: Julie Adams Hair: Paloma Rose Garcia at Oscar Oscar Salons Paddington Make-up: Sarina Carruthers Words: Georgie Abay