Within minutes of stepping into Elizabeth Renkert’s home, it’’s clear that impeccable style is in her DNA. Everything is perfectly styled, from her two-year-old daughter Luella’’s bedroom to the pin board above her desk, filled with a miscellany of beautiful images.

Busy doesn’t quite sum up a day in the life of Renkert: The ex-editor of Madison magazine recently launched a fashion label, Kindred, with her sister Georgie, is a regular commentator on Mornings 9, an ambassador for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and editor of fashion, homes and travel on the soon to launch site The Carousel. She’’s also pregnant with her second child, due early next year.

Still, Renkert feels life is far more balanced than it used to be when she was working as a magazine editor. “When I had Luella, I was working full-time. I returned to work after four months and the juggle was really difficult,” she says. “Now, I am working for myself and we have number two on the way. I’m hoping I’’ll find it more manageable this time around.” On achieving balance, she says: “I’’m getting a little better at it now, but that’’s two years in. For the first 18 months, I had no time to myself, which was trying. These days, I have a little more time and it’’s definitely made me a calmer, more ‘present’ mum when Luella and I are together.”

Lizzie’s little list of loves:
Luella’s growing vocabulary – it’s endlessly entertaining and so cute!
Yellow cushions.
Beach time.
Story time.
Our weekly fruit delivery.
The smell of jasmine.
An hour to myself on our daybed.
Sun streaming through our bedroom window in the morning.
“I love you mummy” at bedtime.

August 2013

Photography: Julie Adams Hair: Amanda Kowalevsky at Oscar Oscar salon in Paddington Makeup: Abigail Sheridan Words: Georgie Abay