Photography: Trish Lee Hair: Paloma Rose Garcia of Oscar Oscar Salons in Paddington Makeup: Regina Gao Words: Georgie Abay

You can safely make the assumption that Ana Maria Escobar is a super organised person. As the mother to 18-month-old Emilio and general manager and creative director of Australian accessories label Oroton, the inspiring Sydney-based Escobar has her hands full. “My day starts by spending some valuable time with Emilio. My husband and I compete over who will get him out of bed because he is in the best mood first thing in the morning … from there, it’s all about work, meetings with the team, showings, presentations, store visits and then there’s all of my emails.” Structure is key to making sure her schedule runs smoothly. “In my house we LOVE LOVE LOVE structure, so Emilio is great at adapting to routine, it’s almost amazing, every day he sleeps and eats at the same time and he loves it,” she says. While she admits that these days the only time she has for herself is when she’s driving home from work or getting her nails done, it’s worth it for the reward of being able to do something she clearly loves while also raising her child. “The hardest part is managing your time, trying to be the best you can be in every aspect of your life,” she says. “The best part is everything from that little smile in the morning to the first words … I can go on forever.”

The talented Escobar has been with Oroton for over seven years and is credited with helping to transform the company into a modern, luxury lifestyle brand, which now has stores around the world. “My mum always worked, I remember helping her to choose her outfit every night and doing her hair and getting ready in the morning.”

On balancing work with motherhood, Escobar believes it really comes down to being passionate about what you do: “I have to say it all goes down to the line of work you do, if it’s your passion and you love doing it then is easier to justify your time away, but I do believe it is healthy to have some space.” And after a long process of IVF, she doesn’t take a minute of motherhood for granted. “For me this was all a miracle,” she says. When she’s with her son, she makes a conscious effort to stay present. “I love every second I’m with him, I try to be as present as I can in every minute and just take it all in.”

Ana Maria’s little list of loves:
Centennial Park with my son in the mornings.
Peanut Butter. I found an Australian brand call Ridiculously Delicious Peanut butter. It’s amazing!
My 1938 Oroton wallet.
CD – El Último de la Fila.
A very funny series produced by Ben Stiller called Burning Love.
The French toast made by my husband
Madame Butterfly at the Opera House.
My husband’s vintage car.
My perfume, Acqua di Colonia Maria Novella.
Some vintage jewellery pieces, which I absolutely love.