Photography: Julie Adams Hair: Amanda Kowalevsky from Oscar Oscar Salons Paddington Makeup: Sarina Zoe Words: Georgie Abay

Even before becoming a mother, Lill Jenner had mastered the art of looking effortlessly understated. It’s no surprise, then, that even though Jenner is now the mother to 10-month-old twin girl’s, Essie and Billie –her style hasn’t changed a bit. Today, the Bondi-based fashion designer whose personal aesthetic perfectly echoes that of the swimwear label Anna & Boy, which she co-designs with Anna Hewitt, is in a pair of leopard print cigarette pants, an A.P.C white T-shirt and bare feet. “Anna & Boy is pretty mum friendly. Most days, I’’ll wear a printed cigarette pant, a T-shirt, Converse and a trench coat. In summer, I wear lots of shorts and dresses.”

On motherhood, Jenner says: “Although often challenging, motherhood has been the most rewarding and beautiful experience of my life. It has calmed my soul and given me a greater purpose. I have always been a very optimistic and happy person but motherhood has made me wake up bright and early each morning with a smile on my face.”

Given both Jenner and Hewitt are now mothers, you can’t help but wonder if childrenswear is on the cards? “We will definitely launch childrenswear one day. It won’’t be too far away because we need pretty clothes to dress our girls in!”.

Lill’s little list of loves:

Looking at my babies sleeping.
Going for a run or yoga.
A big cook up with my husband – we both love to cook.
Earl Grey tea.
Designing Anna & Boy – a good balance to all the mum things I do!
Life drawing classes.
Watching my husband play with the girls he gets them into hysterics and it’s so great to watch.
Hendrick’s gin & tonic (Mumma’s milk! Is that wrong?).
Hanging out with both my sisters. We are very close and they are amazing aunties.
Reading a book or a good magazine. A luxury but when it happens it’s great.
Going to Byron Bay.

May 2013