Take A Look Inside Our New Book 'Grace Mothers Letters To Our Children' |

Take A Look Inside Our New Book ‘Grace Mothers Letters To Our Children’

Earlier this week, we released our first ever coffee table book, 'Grace Mothers Letters To Our Children'...

A collection of thought-provoking letters written by mothers from all over the world to their children, the book features over 60 extraordinary women from different fields and is both an intimate insight into the joys and tribulations of motherhood and a celebration of mothers and their children everywhere. Honest, inspiring, occasionally surprising, often funny and frequently poignant, they capture the essence of what motherhood means for each writer. With so many beautiful letters and images throughout, we thought we’d share some excerpts from Grace Mothers to give you a little insight into what’s contained in the pages of this beautiful publication. To find out more and to purchase Grace Mothers – Letters To Our Children, please click here.

Image: Julie Adams

Teresa Palmer

“Life is a series of feelings, emotions and choices that you navigate. Each of you will journey along with your own reflections, desires and dreams, plodding down your life’s path, hitting bumps and growing wiser with each stumble. You’re each unique, you have your own voice and you have direction, know that you are brave and bold enough to follow that without fear of judgment. Follow the song of your heart and trust that knowing feeling that sits in your tummy, the one that tingles and guides you along your way, this is your gravitational pull, that home feeling that tells you you’re exactly where you should be.”

Anine Bing

Being a mom has changed me, and I have you to thank for that. Your scope of lessons is wide. You have made me a professional juggler, teaching me how to get a million things done in no time— where before you, one errand could take me the whole day. You have taught me how to laugh, and not just a quick giggle but to really laugh and enjoy myself during life’s funny moments. You have taught me how to cut away all the nonsense. There are only 24 hours in the day and with you, I have learned how to spend them right—reading you bedtime stories, sharing a croissant with you, or singing the songs my mom used to sing with you. Besides being a built-in alarm clock for my mornings, you have taught me how to prioritize my time and choose what’s important —you and Benjamin always, work emails only sometimes.”

Images: Julie Adams

Images: Julie Adams

Dana Stephenson

“Your ideas on what you want in life will change over time and that can be liberating but also a bit scary. Over the years, I hope you grow to trust your sense of intuition. Be open to people changing your life; some people are the most beautiful surprises. When you feel your heart exploding in your chest, trust that it means something magnificent. Love is magnificent. Let in the magic.

Always remember the unique spark you bring to the world. I saw it the second you were born. No matter how stormy the days, that light never goes out. I hope you always feel brave enough to show how much you care and you’re never too proud to smile, to cry or to say ‘I’m sorry.’ I hope you laugh as freely as you do now through all of your days.

I wish you many moments that take your breath away. Like tonight, staring in wonder at the Full Moon together. I said to you, “Darling, isn’t it spectacular?” You asked me what spectacular meant. I said, “It means all kinds of wonderful.” You beamed at me and said, “Mummy… I love wonderful.”

You are a wonder.”

Noëlla Coursaris Musunka

“Remember to continue to always give back to those who have not had the same opportunities as you. For me, this meant giving back to the people of my first home: the Congo. Opening a school for young girls in a village very close to where I was born and also building wells to serve the whole community has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life and it has been such a joy to get to share this with you both – watching you become incredible young philanthropists who have such a passion for caring for others. I treasure the time I have spent with you in the Congo and at the school teaching you about your ancestry and sharing my home country with you. It makes me so proud to see how proud you are of your heritage. And because of the school we built, hundreds of young women, many of them the same age as you both are now, are able to receive the priceless gift of an education along with two healthy meals a day. Of course, it took a lot of special people to help me achieve this dream and my advice to you, is to surround yourself with people in your life who believe in your dreams, support you wholeheartedly and can help you fulfil your purpose.”