The Tale of Sisters Elizabeth Briedis & Isabella Pennefather |

The Tale of Sisters Elizabeth Briedis & Isabella Pennefather

This week’s profile is a little different – it’s the tale of two smart, talented and dynamic Byron Bay-based sisters – Isabella Pennefather and Elizabeth Briedis – who together have created a hugely successful modern-bohemian fashion brand that now has over 600K followers on Instagram (628K at last count) and a loyal, engaged clientele (they’ve got a database of almost 100K fans). Eight years in and Spell & The Gypsy Collective is adored by women around the world including celebrities such as Katy Perry, Alessandra Ambrosi, Miley Cyrus and Elsa Pataky. Famous for their ‘gypsy prints’, romantic vintage-inspired lace, tassels and embroidery, Spell is now a cult-classic at music festivals, road-trips and island getaways...

We should probably warn you that it’s almost impossible to visit the Spell & The Gypsy Collective online store and leave without purchasing something. A bohemian blouse (perfect with denim jeans) or a