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The Tale Of Julia Ashwood

Julia Ashwood is certainly your go-to girl for all things globetrotting. She set up her popular travel website, aptly titled The Vista, after a career spanning fashion marketing, advertising and TV, and now shares her unique take on “wanderlust” travel with a dedicated army of followers who not only want her fresh take on holiday advice, but also share her passion for often choosing the road less travelled...

Julia now mixes business and travel with being a mum to 17-month-old Delilah Bee, and while travelling with kids is never easy, we were delighted to hear her tips on making the entire process as smooth as possible (hint, it’s all about the snacks). Read on to hear more from Julia on living the slow life in Byron Bay, where some of her favourite travel destinations are and how she tackles the perils of parenthood with everyday life… Words: Marisa Remond | Photography: