The Tale Of Noa, Amelie & Arielle Ries

Noa Ries originally worked in advertising before becoming a personal trainer and had always had a passion for living a fit and healthy life, but it was when she had children that the ‘not enough hours’ in the day motto really hit home...

“When my first daughter was about 10 months old, I realised I was still in my workout clothes (and I hadn’’t even worked out that day) plus it was 4pm! I felt totally daggy and I thought, surely there had to be a way that I could live a really fit and healthy life, but still be fashionable. I also knew that as a busy woman, I didn’t have time for outfit changes and would generally be wearing the same thing at night that I put on in the morning,” says Ries.

And that’’s when her coveted fashion-forward fitness label Vie Active was born. Noa created clothes that she wanted to wear. Clothes that would not only last the intensity of a tough workout, but ones that would then easily fit in with the rest of her day too. She knew that becoming a mother had changed her style and she wanted to make clothes that would last. She also knew that white and dry-clean only clothes were (sadly) on the out. ““I barely ever wear white or dry-clean only clothes anymore. And inevitably when I do wear either, I end up with avocado or some other kiddy stain on me,”” says Ries, who has recently relocated with her husband and daughters – Amelie, 4, and Arielle, 1.5 – from Sydney to Los Angeles to launch a Vie Active pop-up store. “We came to LA and New York back in February last year to launch Vie Active here and we both instantly felt that it was the right place for the business.”

Noa exercised throughout both her pregnancies and today she uses it as a type of therapy for her day-to-day. ““I know that when I am fit and healthy, I feel amazing, I think more clearly, I have clarity and focus in all that I do. That’’s why I make it a priority.”” Although she advises to go easy with your exercise routine straight after giving birth: “”Start slowly. It’’s important to check with your doctor as to what you should or should not do. You need to be careful with core and pelvic strength particularly if you’ve had any separation in your abdominal muscles.””

But exercise isn’’t the only way Noa looks after herself because eating well plays an important part in her life as well. Without proper nourishment she says “there’’s no way she would have the energy to get through some of her crazy days” and recommends mothers try to cut down on added sugar and pre-packaged foods to feel their best. She also advocates eating healthy fats (like avocados), leafy greens and smoothies as a way to add more nutrients to their day.

Like most mothers, Noa understands the time challenges that women experience every day. Often it just means that she has to be super efficient and quick with everything that she does otherwise she won’’t get much time for herself, but she’’s adamant that “exercise, healthy eating and coffee always help. Motherhood has taught Noa a lot of things although most importantly she’’s “learnt the importance of self-love and how important it is to put your oxygen mask on first.” That’’s why striving to do little things like drinking enough water, exercising and eating well will always ensure she’’s in good health to care for the little ones she adores more than anything in the world. “”I never knew how far my heart could stretch. Sometimes I look or hear or even smell my children and I think my heart might explode!””

Noa’’s little list of loves:
Hiking in LA with my children.
Biking in LA with my children and husband.
The sight of the ocean in Venice where we live -– it instantly calms me.
Having a bath with my two girls.
Trying out a new workout studio in LA.
Date night with my husband.
Breakfast, dinner or lunch at Gjelina in Venice.
Strong, strong coffee daily.
Good red wine daily.
Meeting and connecting with amazing health and fitness female.

Photography: Jenna Potter Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi


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