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The Tale of Sally Obermeder

“At first when I got the news, I was in utter shock. Then I just cried and cried. I was overcome with grief and it really took me a long time to accept it. Not only did I have to get my head around the fact that I had cancer at the age of 37, but I was also petrified I would be too sick to look after my newborn baby the way I wanted to. The most important thing I learned from the experience was that only you have the power to get through such a huge thing. Whilst I had the best doctors and my friends and family rallied around me and supported me during my cancer treatment, what I ultimately discovered was that there was no one who could fight the battle but me. I found a kind of strength and determination I have never felt before. But the flipside is that it taught me that life is delicate, precious and sacred. It’s to be appreciated and enjoyed. It’s a gift,” says Australian media personality and television presenter Sally Obermeder, recalling the time in her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer...

She’s an extraordinary woman. Actually, even that doesn’t cut it. She’s more than extraordinary – she’s uplifting, generous, funny, real and exceptionally inspiring. She’s also a busy mother to four-year-old Annabelle, expecting her second child via surrogate, a co-host of Channel 7’s afternoon show The Daily Edition and also runs fashion and lifestyle blog