Sister, Sister: Tash Sefton On Her New Art Collection

As if co-commanding the international fashion website TheyAllHateUs and launching her new fashion label Girl Gang wasn't enough for 2016, the stylish Tash Sefton has recently begun working alongside her sister Hayley Segedin to bring us Sefton Segedin - a collection of original and affordable abstract artworks painted by the creative duo...

It all started when Sefton moved into her new abode. She quickly became disheartened by the difficulty of buying original artworks for her space. “I was telling my sister Hayley how demoralised I was and we decided to dust off our paints and create our own,” she says. Sefton put images of her new space up on Instagram and was inundated with people asking her where the artworks were from. The rest is history.

We visited the stylish sisters at their chic studio inside Sefton’s new home to find out more about the inspiration behind their art, what it’s like to work with your sister, growing up surrounded by creative influences and also get some style tips from Sefton (starting with you can never have too much denim in your closet)…

Photography: Julie Adams Hair and makeup: Elsa Morgan Words: Angela Heathcote Go to:

Sefton and Segedin in their studio

Can you tell us about the launch of Sefton Segedin?

Tash: We started painting recently when I moved into a new house (a Victorian house in Mosman) and the 12 foot ceilings made everything we owned looked insignificant. The scale of the space meant we needed large scale art to fill the walls. When I went to find this I realised I was priced out of the market as the average original piece I looked at was minimum $20,000. I was telling my sister Hayley how demoralised I was and we decided to dust off our paints and create our own. I put images of our space on my Instagram and was inundated with people asking where the art was from. And when friends came over they wanted us to paint pieces for their homes. So we decided to create pieces available for anyone to buy online. We wanted to create an affordable range of original art that wasn’t a print or reproduction – as your home or office shouldn’t be like a furniture store catalogue but a space that’s a collection of everything you love. Sefton Segedin was born.

Have you always loved painting?

Tash: Yes! Hayley and I have always been very creative (we have another sister Kylie and she is the business brains – one of the top female real estate agents in Australia). Hayley and I used to paint in the garage of our parents home when we were in our early 20s for fun. Studying fashion design at the Whitehouse meant I was always painting or drawing so it was just part of what I did.
Hayley: I have always enjoyed painting, also drawing and any other creative outlet as a way to capture experiences, ideas or concepts. I think this comes as second nature as a tool that has been honed particularly during my years as a landscape architect. I reconnected with my love of painting when Tash and I talked about the idea of filling the rooms of her home with canvases. It’s been humbling to feel that I have contributed creatively to the beautifully styled spaces within Tash’s home that she enjoys with her family. We wanted to share this with others and hence the reason why we started Sefton Segedin.

When do you find the time to paint?

Tash: We paint on the weekends as you really have to paint in the daylight. We have set up a studio in our home so my children can be playing around us. It’s a very organic process.
Hayley: I like to keep a clear diary on weekends because this is when I paint the most and this is typically after a walk or a swim, or when my head is brimming with ideas. If I can catch a spare half hour here or there during the week, I’m in studio at Tash’s place.

Growing up, were you both creative?

Tash: Hayley my very talented sister studied Landscape Architecture (her life drawings are incredible and my children as amazed when she draws pictures for them) and I studied fashion design. when I was at school I would get into trouble as the headmistress (we went to an all girls school) pushed me to do all science and history (and religion) classes but I wanted to spend all my time in the art room. After topping the state in my art subjects my very traditional school finally let me be.
Hayley: Growing up, we lived near the beach in Sydney so we spent most of our time outdoors. Our family home had a gorgeous Roberto Burle Marx style garden which was a perfect setting for creating things and games with the other kids in the street. At the time, Dad was a builder so there was always at tool kit handy to build the biggest and best cubby houses or backyard roller skate rinks. Mum was (and still is) super stylist and would make everything from cakes to costumes to home furnishings so we were surrounded by creative influences at a young age.

Did you do art at school?

Hayley: I did most of the art subjects at school and I also studied art history and design during my landscape architecture degree.

What’s it like working with your sister?

Tash: It’s amazing. When we paint we have the music blaring and we spend the whole time chatting and laughing. I think the reason it has been so popular as its a very honest approach to creating the pieces – this comes through in the paintings. Two sets of eyes are better than one!
Hayley: Tash is a very talented, highly motivated and passionate person. I love to be surrounded by that energy and I think this is reflected in the work that we create.

Sefton’s enviable wardrobe

Can you tell us about the process behind each artwork?

Tash: We work with a lot of clients that get us to come into their space and pending on the room, light and their personality we can normally get a good understanding of what they want the piece needs to be. Our online collection has been us seeing things in our travels, books and really what we want on the walls in our house.

When I wake up...

Tash: I roll over and try to sneak in another five minutes sleep. Then check my emails and Instagram.
Hayley: I close my eyes for another two minutes then I’m ready to start the day.

Before I go to bed...

Tash: Check on my boys to make sure they are breathing.
Hayley: I check over my diary schedule for the next day.

My approach to wellbeing is...

Tash: Keep moving – I have issues with my back and doing Pilates has changed my life. I feel great when I move and exercise.
Hayley: To eat healthily and exercise consistently and to occasionally turn off the mobile phone.

I treat myself by...

Tash: Buying shoes!
Hayley: Spending the entire day with Tash’s two boys.

The biggest misconception about me...

Tash: When everyone meets me the first thing they say is “omg you are so tall” (I am 6 feet tall and wear heels often so refer to myself as a giant.)
Hayley: Is that I am just a little shorter than Tash.

My role model is...

Tash: My mum – she is an incredible person who teaches me something new everyday.
Hayley: My mother. Her style, energy, wisdom and sunny disposition is an inspiration.

The definition of success is...

Tash: Wisdom.
Hayley: Contentment.

If I wasn't doing what I am doing today...

Tash: I actually have no idea!
Hayley: I would probably end up doing what I’m doing today.

My mother taught me...

Tash: Everything.
Hayley: To pursue happiness.

My career path has...

Tash: Been an incredible journey and I have my best friend Elle by my side.
Hayley: Been a series of doors opening and of self discovery.

A great artwork is...

Tash: Decided by you. If you love it then it’s great. No one should decide for you.
Hayley: Individual.

2016 is going to be the year that...

Tash: Launch a fashion label (Girl Gang by TheyAllHateUs), create an online art retail store and am currently working on something very big with Elle my best friend and co-creator of TheyAllHateUs but I’m not allowed to tell anyone about just yet.
Hayley: Continue doing what I doing.

Social media is...

Tash: An addiction.
Hayley: Interesting at times!

My time management secrets are...

Tash: Just breathe.
Hayley: To be highly organised.

Today I'm wearing...

Tash: Ripped jeans, Gucci slides, a white T-shirt and a top knot (currently sitting on the lounge at my parents’ beach house.)
Hayley: Black and denim.

My last big fashion purchase was...

Tash: A Zimmermann dress and pair of N21 heels that took me six months to find.
Hayley: A long time ago.

The best style tip I've ever been given...

Tash: Less is more.
Hayley: Classics are always in style.

Sefton’s sons’ bedrooms

The last meal I ate was...

Tash: Mum just made me a salad sandwich which was possibly the best sandwich I have had – she is an amazing cook.
Hayley: Japanese with my nephew.

I relax by...

Tash: Going to my parents’ house.
Hayley: Going for a walk.

I get stressed when...

Tash: I run late for a flight – this really stresses me out!
Hayley: I’m having a disorganised and messy day.

My approach to interiors is...

Tash: More is more and controlled chaos.
Hayley: Individual and filled with personal belongings.

My next travel destination is...

Tash: LA on Friday actually.
Hayley: Somewhere in the Australian outback.

After I finish writing this I'm going to...

Tash: Have a nap on the lounge listening to the ocean.
Hayley: Go for a swim at the beach.