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Ten Ways To Beat Your Mid-career Crisis

Getting you back to full-throttle on a career-path that you love starts by rebuilding the pillars of your career: confidence, networking, mentoring and more. Here are ten tips to start today...

We asked Step Up Club founders Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall (pictured) for their top tips. Ready to be inspired? Words: Claire Brayford | Go to www.stepupclub.co

Spend time defining your success

You can do this by mining your past and thinking about your future, to help you really understand what success looks like to you. Once you have this in mind, it will make you immediately more focused.

Seek advice and support in others

It takes a village to raise a child, and the same could be said for a successful working woman. We can’t possibly excel alone, accept help – it’ll make you thrive.

Understand your strengths

Each of us is unique, but we often struggle to acknowledge and accept our individuality. Be proud of who you are, and work authentically to suit your life and personality.

Grow your network

Almost all new jobs and small business-investment comes from our networks. While the thought of networking sounds terrifying, there are so many modern ways to connect with people. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and plain old email are great ways of connecting with the right people.

Set yourself goals

There is a reason all great career coaches advise this, and that’s because it actually works. We can’t possibly hold all of our goals and dreams in our minds. Plus, once they’re done on paper – or saved on our computers – research tells us we’re much more likely to achieve them. Be your own accountability partner.

Wear your best clothes

Yup, what you wear absolutely informs how you feel and how others perceive you too. Don’t always defer to your basic black dress; celebrate your individuality with clothes that set you apart. You don’t need to make huge statements to do this; if your office is on the more sober side, invest in memorable accessories and a great red lipstick.

Bring your personality to work

We are constantly told that we must be professional in the workplace. And while this is absolutely true, we say make sure you add some of your unique personality into the mix too.

Nurture your personal brand

Personality, clothes, expertise, experience, gender – all of these facets of who we are, as well as many others make up our personal brand. Your brand is your number one marketing tool. Know who you are, and crucially what you can do for others too.

Be kind to yourself

Kindness is king when it comes to self-confidence. You need to turn down the volume on that voice inside your head that tells you that you aren’t good/clever/experienced enough. We all have insecurities but don’t let them snatch away your self-esteem.

Take risks

Risk is inextricably linked to failure. We don’t want to fail, so we don’t take a risk. The problem with this is that a lack of risk will stunt your career – and your capabilities. Risk is scary, you might fail, but learn from life’s ups and downs and you’ll be a stronger, more capable player.