The 10 Style Rules Every Fashion-Conscious Woman Should Live By |

The 10 Style Rules Every Fashion-Conscious Woman Should Live By

Looking good, shopping smart and being at peace with your wardrobe requires more than just a good eye...

By following our simple yet effective style rules, we guarantee your entire outlook on shopping and getting dressed will change for the better. Ready to get inspired?

Fit is Everything

Of course you know what size you wear, but to really step things up a notch, having a good tailor on speed dial is the one of the best investments you can make for yourself as well as the longevity of your wardrobe. If you think about all the things you currently wear on high-rotation, chances are they’re the pieces that fit you without fault – hems don’t drag on the floor, straps stay in their place and shoulders sit exactly where they’re meant to. When it comes to looking and feeling good, fit is everything. Ensure you’re wearing a size that not only looks good, but that feels good enough to wear today, tomorrow and forever.

Invest in the Classics

We’re not going to tell you to spend up big on the latest Influencer trend, but there are a handful of forever items that demand a little more cash to stand the test of time. A well-fitting coat (in camel, grey or even a stand-out bright hue), the perfect pair of black flats, a white shirt that fits with ease and a collection of knitwear in neutral colours are all pieces that require more focus on quality than quantity, so splashing a little more cash on the classics is definitely worth the investment in the long run.

Your Personal Style Should Be Just That, Personal

With the rise of social media, it’s easy to get influenced by people you don’t know wearing trends you wouldn’t usually pick, but try not to let it steer your shopping habits into the wrong direction. Finding your true personal style means wearing pieces that look as good as they feel and don’t compromise what you truly feel comfortable in, so don’t feel like an outsider when you consciously bypass fleeting trends.

Denim Transcends All Seasons and Trends

There’ll never be a harder working item in your wardrobe than a trusty pair of jeans, so don’t feel at all guilty if you seem to have a growing collection of all styles, colours and price points. These days denim feels appropriate for work, weekends and even after-hours events, so keep adding to your collection with the thought that they’ll be a forever piece of clothing.

Use Accessories to Add Polish

It’s easy to get put off by overbearing accessories, but they really are the easiest way to update and liven up an outfit without committing too much cash or effort. A statement earring, wear-with-anything bracelet, fine gold necklace or even something as simple as a leather belt can add interest to an otherwise ho-hum outfit, instantly modernising an overall look.

Be Open To Change

Getting stuck in a sartorial rut happens to the best of us. When you’re pressed for time, have kids’ needs to deal with before your own and simply don’t have time to “style” an outfit every morning, relying on your same-same wardrobe heroes is an all too familiar scenario. Being open to change is the first step in experimenting with new trends, so the next time you are out shopping or online window-browsing, don’t be afraid to select items that are outside your usual comfort zone. You don’t always have to buy, but at least try!

Learn To Shop Inside Your Own Wardrobe

Having shiny new things to wear is fun, I’m not going to deny that, but often the most stylish women cleverly mix old with new for a truly effortless and individual look. Having the confidence to pair new trends with existing things in your wardrobe is not only smart, but it will also guarantee your own style-stamp is on an outfit rather than simply recreating a catalogue-style look. The key here is to regularly shop from your own wardrobe and don’t forget hero pieces that look just as good today as they did years ago.

Extend The Life Of Your Belongings With Proper Care

Putting in a little extra effort for garments, shoes and accessories that you want to keep forever is well worth the investment, so don’t hesitate to create some regular rituals when it comes to extending the life of your wardrobe favourites. Regularly dry-cleaning delicate items, getting your favourite shoes re-soled (Topy rubber soles are worth it!) and having the number of a reputable tailor are all well worth the extra funds. Similarly, being diligent when it comes to hand-washing, using lingerie bags for bras and lace, and owning the right style of fabric detergents are also crucial factors when it comes to caring for your clothing.

Be Open To The Concept of a Capsule Wardrobe

The premise of a capsule wardrobe is simple – start with a handful of basic items that all can be worn with each other in a number of different outfits and add appropriate items from there. Basically, this is a less is more approach to dressing that saves you time, money and sanity when it comes to getting dressed each morning. A smart way to dress and shop when time is of the essence (read: kids) and you’re keen to embrace a uniform-style wardrobe.

Confidence is Key

It may be a cliche, but goodness it’s true. The clothes you wear mean nothing if you don’t feel good in them. Yes, it’s as simple as that, and often why the most truly stylish women also happen to look and feel the most confident in their skin.