The 10 Underwear Essentials Every Woman Should Own |

The 10 Underwear Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Practical and a little boring, we hear you, but you’ll be seriously amazed at how life-transforming each of these lingerie pieces will become once you invest in the right styles, fabrics and sizes...

If you haven’t updated your smalls in a while, grab a pen and start your plan of attack, as a really great wardrobe starts with these 10 underwear essentials. Editor: Marisa Remond

1. T-Shirt Bras in Nude and Black

Of course they’re not the most exciting piece of lingerie you’ll ever own, but we bet they’re the most reached for. This humble but hardworking addition to your smalls drawer needs to be comfortable, contoured and breathable. That means completely smooth to touch (so you don’t see any bumps under plain tops), low-cut enough to wear underneath blouses and dresses as well as tees, and all-cotton with a hint of a elastic for movement. When you find your “One” buy in bulk (we suggest stocking up on a few nude styles as these are undoubtedly the most worn) and replace yearly.

2. Seamless G-Strings

Even if briefs are more your thing (we get it), G-Strings are an undeniable necessity in some wardrobe scenarios (tight denim and pants, pencil skirts, evening dresses…), so it’s always good to have a handful on standby in your underwear drawer. Fuss-free styles in a seamless fabric are failsafe, and we suggest investing in a few decent pairs that withstand their shape when washed and are so comfortable, you forget you’re even wearing them.

3. Camisoles

If you’re a mum, chances are you’re used to layering your kids in singlets and undergarments to ensure they’re keeping warm – but what about you? Plain singlets work wonders under knits in winter, and they can also double as a camisole underneath sheer blouses and tops. We love Uniqlo’s HEATTECH range, which not only keeps you toasty but come in a variety of different colours and sleeve options.

4. Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is one of those items that you never knew you needed until you owned it. This bra is the answer to all your tricky necklines that are either too deep or V-shaped to accommodate a traditional-shaped bra. Particularly handy if you’re wearing something sheer that doesn’t allow for fussy stick-on pieces that inevitably always fall off.

5. Strapless Bra

This is the part where we’re going to tell you that your 10 year old strapless bra just isn’t cutting it anymore, ok? When it comes to strapless bras, fit is everything and it really doesn’t hurt to invest in a quality fabric and style that will make this notoriously uncomfortable piece of lingerie much more bearable. Look out for removable padding, a slight plunging neckline and silicon edges to prevent slipping and falling out of place.

6. Cotton Briefs 

Here’s the thing – your everyday cotton essentials should be just that, cotton. Don’t get sucked into fancy trims or shiny man-made fabrics, as your best bet for health, longevity and comfort is 100% cotton all the way.

7. No-Show Socks

If you’re embracing the sneakers-with-everything trend at the moment with reckless abandon (guilty!), then chances are you need a few of these on high rotation. We’ve trialled a few different no-show-socks but these all-cotton, elasticised styles from Country Road seem to be the most reliable on offer at the moment.

8. Sports Bra

If you need more support than a simple crop top, Berlei’s reliable range of sports bras cater to all shapes, sizes and workout styles. Our advice is to buy at least two so you always have one handy when the other is in the wash.

9. Control Briefs 

Don’t think of control briefs as the enemy here – what they lack in sex-appeal they make up for in function, big time. A high waisted control short works wonders in smoothing your silhouette under an evening dress or giving you more shape underneath fitted pants and skirts. A wardrobe essential that proves handy no matter what your size.

10. Something… Just For You

As much as lingerie is mostly about practicality, it’s nice to feel good in something that looks a little more special than a plain T-shirt bra. Lace, frills, tulle – take your pick…