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The 5 Best Hand Creams To Beat Dry Winter Skin

Looking for the easiest way to heal your hands this winter? Here's our edit of the best hand creams to fight dry skin. By Rachael Mannell 

Around a decade ago, I successfully moonlighted as a hand model. My day job as the beauty director of CLEO put my hands in the limelight on more than one occasion and other magazines requested them to feature in nail polish stories or to showcase rings and watches. I knew all the tricks back then. Some favourite’s included immersing them in freezing water and drinking gallons of water to minimise visible veins, applying primer to reduce redness on palms and I never left home without SPF protection and on the odd occasion – gloves! Once a week I even indulged in a desk-side mani to keep my nail shape permanently ‘squoval’. Life for my hands was pretty good.

Then I became a mum, started DIY home renovations and for the first time in my life, found myself hiding my hands. If they weren’t covered in paint, the nails were cracked, yellowed and split. The days of proudly extending supple, smooth wrinkle-free paws for a handshake were over.  So too was the habit of sweeping away a lock of hair to showcase long nail-bed’s coated in the latest on-trend polish shade. My parched, neglected hands were crying out for attention, so what did I do? Invested in a kickass, multi-action hand cream of course. With cuticle care, skin hydration and anti oxidants all rolled into one, my hands bounced back to their former glory. Applying a good quality hand cream morning and night (and after washing up!) not only replenished the skin on my hands, it ensured my nails remained hydrated and healthy too. Not sure where to start? Here are our picks:

Milk & Co Hand Quench, $12.95
Formulated with 95% natural ingredients, this fast absorbing hand savior combines cocoa butter and seasame oil to penetrate quickly while shea butter enourages cell renewal. The added bonus? It’s also Aussie made!

KORA Organics Daily Hand Cream, $39.95
It’s an anti-aging, healing and replenishing potion for hands, nails and cuticles. Rose hip oil and noni fruit extract work synergistically to reduce the appearance of sun damage and scarring while replenishing skins texture.

Lanolips Rose Balm Intense for Very Dry Hands and Nails, $15.95
Using the Lanolips signature ultra pure grade lanolin base of shea butter, cocoa seed butter, natural antioxidants, wheat germ oil and rose oil to enhance the fragrance, this 98% natural balm gives instant results.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream, $28
A rich yet lightweight hand cream that leaves skin feeling soft and supple. With a unique combination of daisy, echinacea rose, chamomile, marshmallow, calendula and complementary active ingredients of soya protein, honey, carrot root extract and vitamin E this formula is rich yet non-sticky.

Aerin Hand & Body Cream, $65
A silky lightweight cream that drenches skin with moisture and a delicate rose scent to reinvigorate your spirits. AERIN's floral infusion of magnolia and peony helps soothe and soften.

Photo: Paul Mason