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The Best Beauty Products For A Five Second Pick Me Up

It’s when you become a mum that you realise that your time is precious, and what were you doing with your time before you had your kids… does anybody remember?

Because now everything seems to be a mini blur. You see, it’s hard to understand the level of the vortex one will get pulled into thanks to motherhood, and while some days the chaos seems to be greater than others, we have to admit that finding a little time for yourself can often be hard. Plus, there are those days where everything seems overwhelming, balls are dropped and you wonder whether everything you’re doing is worth it. And deep down you know it is, it’s just that you might wish for something to come in and make you feel better – and quickly.  Which is really where a stash of killer beauty products could come in. You know ones that will do their job and pull you out of your funk when you’re in the thick of mum life and need a little saving. Or reminding that tomorrow’s another day. You see beauty can be powerful like that. So what would we throw into our emergency beauty kits when we’re after a five second pick me up and a little space to breathe? Let’s go through them below. Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi. Photograph: Julie Adams

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara

The ultimate mascara when you realise that you have no time to get to your false lash appointment because with one swipe, this holy grail mascara will make you feel like you were able to get yours done – but without the hassle of actually going.

Votary Super Seed Face Oil

Face oils are good for nearly every skin type, so if you struggle to get a skincare routine into gear or are after just 1-2 products to help with the visible signs of (your children) ageing you, then this oil is a handy one to have on hand. It’s nourishing, made with good antioxidants and essential fatty acids your skin needs and can be applied after a two second cleanse in the evening as you fall into bed. Keep it on your nightstand!

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

We all know getting the time to actually wash and blow dry hair post kids can be a problem although finding the time to get it done professionally can be a problem too. Which is where this new hair turban comes in, because when you do get to wash your hair all you need to do is pop it on while you run around like mad doing everything and it’ll speed up the drying process tenfold. Bonus: it looks chic and reduces frizz.

MAC Ruby Woo

A list like this could never be complete without a killer red lipstick and MAC’s Ruby Woo is really one of the best must have, most universally flattering shades available. We promise it’ll provide long-lasting colour and can brighten up even the crappiest of days.

Jade Face Roller

Waking up after a bad night’s sleep feeling puffy and bloated on your face is annoying, and considering jade face rollers seem to be all the rage at the moment, we think one is definitely worth adding to your beauty stash. Why? because they work to instantly help with lymphatic drainage and assist with improving blood circulation after a sleepless night. Hot tip: keep it in the fridge for an instant cooling effect.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

Is your face complexion not what it used to be? We feel you! Adding this two-second highlighter under your base, mixed with your foundation or even just on its own can instantly make your skin look glowy and fresh – even on those days when you least feel it. The shade opal is also a universally flattering shade. Add to cart!