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The Best Lunchboxes for The New School Year

In The Grace Tales team, we have three little ones starting kindergarten this year. So suffice it to say, there has been plenty of office talk about where to buy grey socks, how to label a navy backpack, and of course - how to pack the ultimate lunchbox (that actually comes home empty).

While the jury’s still out on the lunchbox contents (stay tuned as some trial and error take place over these next few months), we do believe we’ve found the best of the best when it comes to the lunchbox itself. So, if you too are feeling a little overwhelmed by the planning required in preparing for big school, consider this one thing ticked off your list.

Stuck on You Large Bento

If your child is more of a mezze picker than a sandwich lover, this is the creme de la creme of lunchboxes. With plenty of space for a variety of foods to pick at, we think it may also make lunchtime packing easier (a reminder to include fruit and veggies will never go astray). $49.95 from Stuck on You

Pottery Barn Kids Spencer Stainless Compartments

For children who get a little overwhelmed by choice (or for those going to a school with Crunch n Sip), smaller compartments will be the way to go. Being stainless steel, they’re also durable enough to withstand whatever those backpacks have ahead of them. $34 from Pottery Barn Kids

Seed & Sprout CrunchBox

This fuss-free lunchbox received over $80K on Kickstarter (270% of its target in 48 hours, we might add), and for good reason. It’s plastic-free, fuss-free, and happy – large enough to fit a sandwich and plenty of accompaniments. $79 from Seed & Sprout

Love Mae Lunchbox

For little ones who’d prefer a sandwich and a few small snacks, Love Mae’s Lunch Box is a perfect fit. In the sweetest designs (including safari and floral tigers), it’s a great option for those a little more aesthetically minded (guilty). $35 from Love Mae